Support Kelsie: ENGAGE with students in rural areas

PhD candidate, Kelsie Long wants to share her passion for earth sciences with children from rural communities. Kelsie was born in Bombala and never thought about opportunities to go to university until a group of Uni...

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The tropical Pacific: forcing the hand of global climate

Scientists have found past El Niño oscillations in the Pacific Ocean may have amplified global climate fluctuations for hundreds of years at a time.

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RIP E.T. – alien life on most exoplanets dies young

Astronomers have found a plethora of planets around nearby stars: so are we alone?

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Atlantis Massif Serpentinization and Life

Morgan Willams writes about his experiences with the onshore science party for IODP Expedition 357.

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Margi Sweeney: Sharing knowledge of science

The ability to share her science knowledge with enthusiastic young school students drew Margi Sweeney to a career as a science teacher.

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Andychristyite: new mineral named after ANU scientist

The International Mineraological Association has named a new mineral after ANU scientist Andy Christy

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Gordon Lister: Telling the history of rock

Professor Gordon Lister is a tectonicist and structural geologist. In other words, a rock-whisperer. “When people ask me how old a rock is, I just laugh,” he says.

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Stories in the stone: RSES students venture into the field

If rocks could speak, they would have a lot to say. Check out this photo essay from our 2nd year field trip to Wee Jasper

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Welcome to the Research School of Earth Sciences

The study of Earth and marine sciences is fundamental to our understanding of the precious balance of life on Earth and how the Solar System in which we live was formed. Our focus is on both Earth processes and environmental science. The Research School of Earth Sciences has many world leading researchers and offers undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as Higher Degree Research opportunities.

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Research stories

What happened to Lake George?

Patrick De Deckker talks to ABC's Curious Canberra about why Lake George is now completely dry. Listen to the report here.

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Digging deep for better geology education

Digging deep for a better geology education

Thank you to Penny King and all of the contributors to the 2016 AUGEN conference that was hosted by RSES.

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Circulation of the Southern Ocean

Big data reveals glorious animation of Antarctic bottom water

A remarkably detailed animation of the movement of the densest and coldest water in the world around Antarctica has been produced using data generated on Australia’s most powerful supercomputer, Raijin.

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Otoliths reveal environmental conditions 20,000 years ago

PhD candidate Kelsie Long describes her work at Lake Mungo, the World heritage site in NSW.

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Richard Arculus - what lies beneath

Source: Conversations, ABC.

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Unraveling the "Toorale Man" murder mystery

Dr Rachel Wood and Dr Stewart Fallon from RSES are part of a team of scholars from several institutions across Australia that are helping to solve the history and mystery of Australia’s “Toorale Man”.

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