Archean continent formation and evolution

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This work focuses on the study of the oldest, most complete rock sequences from Southwest Greenland, which range in age from 3.6 to 3.9 Ga and contain a range of lithologies.

We are using these rocks to determine the age and origin of the oldest continents, the early planetary processes that many have affected the Earth and the types of early life environments that may have existed, providing a range of potential research topics depending on the interests of the student.

We combine a variety of approaches to study the ancient rock record including petrology, geochemistry and field observations. A wide range of analytical techniques are used including laser ICP-MS, ion-probe (SHRIMP), and electron microprobe and as well as some innovative isotopic techniques developed in-house.

Projects range from totally laboratory based to those with a combination of laboratory and fieldwork and from the more petrologically oriented to those that are largely geochemistry based.

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