The Map That Changes The World

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The Square Kilometer Array will allow the exploration of deep space. The Map That Changes The World will allow the exploration of deep time.

Consider a PhD topic helping build The Map That Changes The World. Join our team and work, any time, any where (it simply depends on what era you want to work in).

PhD candidates with resource exploration experience are particularly welcome in our research team at Australia's national university, and even more so if your host company is willing to support you while you are in Canberra absorbing the implications of new theories, new methods, and new technology. The Companies that support our effort are appreciated for their foresight and generosity.

Tectonic reconstruction requires an ability to synthesize information from many diverse sources, and an innate ability with computers and information systems. It is also possible to combine tectonic reconstruction with field research in a specific area, if a prospective student does not want to focus on this particular aspect. Prospective students should explore possible directions in which a project might be taken by contacting the supervisor in question.

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