Melt inclusions, volatile fluxes and halogen cycling through Island Arcs

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The SHRIMP-SI developed at the Australian National University will be used to measure a suite of volatiles including H2O, CO2, F, Cl, Br and I in melt inclusions trapped within olivine phenocrysts in arc magmas.  The samples will be collected during fieldwork to an arc with a strong influence of subducted sediment (e.g. Lesser Antilles or Sunda) and/or from existing collections or IODP core.  The aim of the project is to demonstrate the first ever precise measurements of trace halogens (Br and I) by ion microprobe, and use the data to evaluate the subduction flux of halogens into the mantle.  Volatile data will be complemented by major and trace element data obtained by electron microprobe and laser ablation ICPMS.   Additional Br and I measurements may be made by ‘the noble gas method’, and the student will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories for other techniques available at ANU as required.  

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