Monitoring groundwater changes in Australia

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Water is a critical resource for Australia. We can't begin to manage properly what we don't monitor; therefore, monitoring the changes in water resources at local- and basin-scales is becoming increasingly important. The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite gravity mission enables the possibility to measure basin-scale mass changes at monthly intervals, yet such capability is not being exploited to monitor Australia\'s water systems.

Considerable research is required to determine the accuracy of the technique in the Australian environment where drainage basins are relatively small. This would involve the analysis and comparison of different international GRACE solutions and simulations for the Australian region to assess the achievable accuracy. The student will also use our own in-house GRACE analysis software to generate total water storage estimates tailored to the Australian setting.

The student would conduct an interesting scientific study that should lead to unique results pertinent to water resources in the Australian region.


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