Potential projects

Below we list potential student projects in RSES, with links to relevant supervisors and research groups. For a list of topics, research groups, and research projects in RSES, please see the research projects page

Project name Group
4D tectonic reconstruction - the fate of the subducted lithosphere Earth Dynamics
A comparative study of the geochemistry of ore-bearing Experimental Petrology
About the ups and downs of climate – Sea-level changes during the long-term cooling from the warm Pliocene Palaeoenvironments
Analysis of Earthquake Data from the Indonesian Seismograph Network Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Archaean granite-greenstone evolution Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Archean continent formation and evolution Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Are subduction zone magmas born oxidised? Experimental Petrology
Assessing Environmental Impacts in Harbours Biogeochemistry
Australian Lungfish ecology Biogeochemistry
Australia’s rainfall variability during the last millennium Climate and Fluid Physics
Biogeochemistry and molecular fossils Biogeochemistry
Bulk dissipation in partially molten peridotite Earth Dynamics
Carbonate eclogite in the upper mantle - its role in petrogenesis Experimental Petrology
Characterising carbonate occurrences from the Tumut-Eucumbene Tunnel, NSW, Australia Experimental Petrology
Climate change and the melting of polar ice caps Earth Dynamics
Climate Change and the Water Cycle Climate and Fluid Physics
Climate sensitivity Palaeoenvironments
Computational methods for nonlinear inverse problems Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Copper and its influence on marine phytoplankton growth Biogeochemistry
Cosmic collisions on the Moon Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Crustal and mantle dynamics: what is the nature of the forces driving continental tectonics? Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Cycles of the Indian Monsoon Palaeoenvironments
Dating the Permian-Triassic extinction event in Australia Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Deep Sea Corals as climate archives Biogeochemistry
ANU Radiocarbon Laboratory
Deglaciations – How the world warmed up Palaeoenvironments
Diamonds are forever Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Diffusion as a limiting factor in isotopic dating and tracing Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Dislocation mobility and damping in single-crystal MgO Earth Dynamics
Early Earth: the zircon tale continues Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Energy transfers in the ocean internal wave field Climate and Fluid Physics
Establishing a tectonic listening post in Turkey Earth Dynamics
Examining Gas – Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Systems Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Experimental Petrology
Exploring potential and limitations of ultrahigh-precision U-Pb dating Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Finding the oldest molecular fossils of cyanobacteria Biogeochemistry
Fluid flow and mineralisation in intrusion-related ore systems Experimental Petrology
Formation of garnet kelyphite rims on kimberlite-bourne peridotite xenoliths Experimental Petrology
Gas - Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Systems Experimental Petrology
Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Geospeedometry Earth Dynamics
Halogens (F, Cl, Br, I) in chondrites Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
High-Precision Hypocentre Determination for Local Earthquakes Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
How hot? Comparing palaeo-thermometers Palaeoenvironments
How old are the planets? Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Hydrology of the Murray Darling Basin Climate and Fluid Physics
Hydrothermal alteration of oceanic crust and consequences for geochemical cycling Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Experimental Petrology
Imaging of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle using novel receiver-based seismic techniques Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Imaging the Earth's interior structure with seismic tomography Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Inside isotopic clocks: distribution of parent and daughter nuclides in geochronometer minerals Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Joint Inversion of Seismic, Tsunami and Geodetic Data for Rupture Models of Large Earthquakes Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Laboratory studies of the seismic signature of fluids in the Earth's crust Earth Dynamics
Landscape evolution in the Canberra region, New South Wales Palaeoenvironments
Lithospheric Controls on Early Life Habitats Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Magnetic mapping of iron oxides in Australian soils Palaeoenvironments
Mass variations estimated from GRACE Earth Dynamics
Melt inclusions, volatile fluxes and halogen cycling through Island Arcs Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Experimental Petrology
Melting of Ice Sheets under sea-water: experiments and high resolution simulations Climate and Fluid Physics
Modeling Earth's Engine: Utilizing Innovative Numerical Schemes to better Understand Plate Tectonics and Mantle Convection On Earth Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Modelling of seismic sources Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Modern and ancient mantle chemistry Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Molecular fossils and toxic ancient oceans Biogeochemistry
Monitoring groundwater changes in Australia Earth Dynamics
Near-Antarctic Oceanography: Bottom Water, Sea Ice and Ice Shelves Climate and Fluid Physics
New constraints on the Earth's inner core anisotropy from seismic body waves Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Nitrogen in the Earth's mantle Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Novel Uses of Radiocarbon in Environmental Studies ANU Radiocarbon Laboratory
Ore deposits and tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Orogen, SE Australia Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
PhD/Master/Honour projects in Jimin Yu's group Palaeoenvironments
Planet's internal rotation Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Precise timing of ore formation Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Pulsing Mantle Plumes: Causes And Geological Consequences Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Quantifying The Key Controls On Regional Subduction Dynamics Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Reading rocks Earth Dynamics
Reconstructing CO2 input and ecosystem changes from a natural ocean acidification experiment, Milne Bay, PNG Biogeochemistry
ANU Radiocarbon Laboratory
Regional Hydrologic Studies Climate and Fluid Physics
Regolith and rock art on Burrup Peninsula, northwestern Western Australia Palaeoenvironments
Satellites and Brooding Earthquakes in the Himalaya Earth Dynamics
Seismic attenuation imaging of the Banda Arc Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Seismic sources Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Seismic structure of Earth's core and lowermost mantle Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Sensing water vapour in the atmosphere using GPS Earth Dynamics
Shallow Horizontal Convection Climate and Fluid Physics
Slab structure and dynamics of arcuate shaped subduction zones Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Southern ocean nutrients and their links to climate change: insights from the elemental and isotope signature of diatoms Biogeochemistry
Studying the crust and the upper mantle structure beneath Australia using multiple geophysical datasets Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Subduction dynamics: slabs in the mantle Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Synthetic sandstones from sintered glass beads Earth Dynamics
Tectonic deformation of Papua New Guinea Earth Dynamics
The age and tectonic setting of basaltic intrusions of the south coast of NSW Experimental Petrology
The Climatic Influence of Eddies in the Southern Ocean Climate and Fluid Physics
The dynamic planet: Connecting the surface to the deep Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
The Early Time: towards consistent time scale of the Solar System formation Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
The evolution of ore-associated felsic system with time Experimental Petrology
The geochemistry of platinum group elements in felsic rocks Experimental Petrology
The history of mixing nucleosynthetic components during formation of our Solar System Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
The Map That Changes The World Earth Dynamics
The role of water in upper-mantle seismic-wave attenuation: a laboratory study Earth Dynamics
Thermal-quasi geostrophic modelling Climate and Fluid Physics
Thermobarometry of chromite Experimental Petrology
Towards understanding the landscape evolution of the Lake George basin Palaeoenvironments
Understanding links between metals, metal speciation and phytoplankton growth in the ocean Biogeochemistry
What the Earth is made of? Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Xenon in early Earth Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry
Zircon and monazite in granites Experimental Petrology

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