Seismic attenuation imaging of the Banda Arc

In eastern Indonesia, along the Banda Arc, oceanic subduction and subsequent continental collision have occurred in different stages. A temporary array of 30 broadband seismometers (see figure above) were deployed in the region in 2013 in order to study and assess the spatio- temporal evolution of this plate boundary.

This computer-based project will focus on applying attenuation tomography from these passive seismic data collected in Nusa Tengara Timur, Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Seismic attenuation, defined as the fractional loss of energy per wave cycle, can be used as an imaging tool. The goal of the project would be to create three-dimensional seismic images to be used to infer three-dimensional variations in composition, temperature, volatile, and melt content in the upper mantle.

Students with a strong computer science, physics or mathematics background, including familiarity with Unix, and interested in tectonophysics are invited to contact the supervisor, A/Prof Meghan Miller, at for more information.