Paul Tregoning's Home Page

Paul Tregoning's Home Page

Dr. Paul Tregoning

Environmental Geodesy
Earth Physics
Research School of Earth Sciences

T: +61 2 6125 5510
F: +61 2 6125 5443
Room J3.150, Jaeger 3 Building,

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Research Interests:

My research involves using space-geodetic techniques to study changes in the Earth caused by different geophysical processes such as tectonic deformation, climate-driven variations in sea level and polar ice caps, tidal deformation etc. Below are some of my research interests:

Antarctic Mass Balance:

The present-day melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet is of great relevance to current changes in sea level. Various factors need to be measured and modelled to address this issue [Read More ...]

Environmental Geodesy:

Geodetic techniques provide some of the only means for measuring global geophysical phenomena that affect the Earth. For example, satellite altimetry measures global sea level variations and polar mass balance changes, space-gravity missions measure ocean currents, continental water storage, GPS measures "slow earthquakes" .... [Read More ...]

Theoretical improvements in analyses of such data will enable more accurate estimates to be made and smaller geophysical signals to be detected.

Crustal Deformation:

Earthquakes, tides (solid-earth, ocean, atmospheric) and longer timescale visco-elastic effects (e.g. glacial isostatic adjustment) deform the surface of the Earth. Regions studied include Antarctica, Papua New Guinea ... [Read More ...]