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For more information about some of our prestigious Scholarships including, Jaeger, Ringwood, Chappell – White, Hales and Brown Scholarships please contact our Development Manager,

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Morgan Williams

Morgan is analysing samples of ‘fossilised’ oceanic crust to understand the interaction between fluids and crustal rocks throughout the subduction cycle, from seafloor to sub-arc. He is developing analytical methods to help quantify the chemical evolution of the oceanic crust. By linking ‘fingerprints’ within rocks and minerals to geological processes and time constraints we can acquire snapshots of geological history over millions of years.

“To get the best results, I needed to first find the most appropriate samples: rocks that had been well-studied and had clearly experienced fluid-rock interaction. A scholarship has allowed me to travel to the Western Italian Alps for fieldwork and sampling, a textbook locality to study exhumed oceanic crust. Not only did I return with some great samples, but I also had the opportunity to meet researchers at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Turin!”


Claire Krause

Claire is currently developing a proxy for rainfall over the last 40,000 years, using stalagmites, from caves in Sulawesi Indonesia. This proxy tells us how the Indo-Australian monsoon has changed over this time, and allows us to look at connections between our region, and the rest of the climate system.

 “The Paterson Scholarship enabled me to travel to NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. The skills I learnt at NASA gave me the confidence to set up collaborations with other internationally renowned researchers and helped me improve the quality of my research. My career has surged ahead.”

Claire is also an avid communicator of climate science and regularly contributes to the Oncirculation blog site, run by students from the School. “I have a passion for science communication and I’d love to develop that further. I love speaking to people about what I do, and science generally, and helping people to understand complex scientific concepts.”


Christian Renggli

Chris is studying interactions between volcanic gases and magmas on earth and on the moon. His experiments and analytical studies of natural samples will provide an insight into volcanic processes on the moon, which have occurred more than three billion years ago.

“In Switzerland you do not have high fees for education.  Without a scholarship, I would not have been able to take the risk of moving across the world to do a PhD. I am extremely fortunate to access the great ANU resources and in particular the outstanding academic expertise at RSES. I am so happy that I am able to do the science I wanted to do.”


Aero Leplastrier

Aero Leplastier has always had an insatiable curiosity about how the physical world works and the processes that govern natural systems. He is currently completing his undergraduate honours research on the Great Barrier Reef looking at the protective platform structure of algal ridges, supported by an ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science scholarship. “The work that I am doing with my supervisors is important for understanding the vulnerabilities associated with the reef and how they’re going to hold up as ocean acidification continues and temperatures keep changing.

“The scholarship has allowed me to really immerse myself in this final year, to cut back on casual employment and give my research project the focus it deserves. The funding also has helped me become a fully qualified scientific diver, a vocational aspect that I hope to pursue in the future.”

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