Katherine River Dreaming: monsoons & history

n the Indo-Pacific region, there are several speleothem records from the Equatorial Tropics, but fewer speleothem records from the Southern Monsoon region. The Katherine River Region, in the Northern Territory, is a karst region with many hydrologically-active wild caves. A number of naturally-fallen speleothems have been carefully selected after age-range determination, to form a prospective record that spans the last 17 000 years. The growth rate of speleothems here is between 200-650 µm a-1.

This seminar will examine several scientific questions encompassing the project including: i) how does tropical rainfall respond to orbital variations?, ii) what are the controls on precipitation isotope variability in northern Australia at multiple timescales? and iii) what signals can be extracted from speleothem µ-XRF analysis? In the talk, these questions will be investigated by making use of dynamic-statistical models.