20 March 2020

The School is developing and adapting a phased COVID-19 Response Plan to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic as it evolves. Our response works within guidance and to the aims of the University. Please refer to the ANU COVID -19 advice page for specific detailed advice to staff and students, information on the Universities’ aims and response to COVID-19, and links to official Government advice.

The School’s aim is to maintain research and education activity under a range of potential escalated scenarios. Our COVID-19 Response Plan sets out objectives and priorities, and identifies risks and the contingencies that we will put in place under different scenarios. This plan will continue to be developed and adapted to meet the COVID-19 situation as it evolves.

It is important that we make School’s COVID-19 Response Plan as clear and robust as possible. We welcome suggestion for changes and additions, small or large.

  • For School level planning please forward to the Director’s Office (,
  • for Research facilities and activities please forward to your Research Group Leaders
  • for the Education program forward to John Mavrogenes
  • for the Honours and Master program forward to Rhodri Davies
  • for HDR forward to Stewart Fallon



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