Pathways of deep waters to the surface of the Southern Ocean - Veronica Tamsitt (Scripps)

Date & time

2–3pm 23 May 2017


Hales Room, J7


Veronica Tamsitt


 Taimoor Sohail

We investigate Southern Ocean deep water upwelling pathways in three dimensions, using hydro-graphic observations and Lagrangian particle tracking in three high-resolution ocean and climate models. The northern deep waters enter the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) via narrow southward currents along the boundaries of the three ocean basins, before spiraling southeastward and upward through the ACC. Upwelling is greatly enhanced at five major topographic features, associated with vigorous mesoscale eddy activity. Deep water reaches the upper ocean predominantly south of the southern ACC boundary, with a spatially nonuniform distribution, regionalizing warm water supply to Antarctic ice shelves and the delivery of nutrient and carbon-rich water to the sea surface. In addition, we quantify water mass transformation along Lagrangian trajectories, to identify where diabatic processes are important along the upwelling pathways.

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