Performance of the Helix MC Plus high resolution noble gas mass spectrometer at ANU

Date & time

12.30–1.30pm 30 May 2017


Green Room (Jeager 5)


Xiaodong Zhang


 Joelle Ducommun

Performance of the Helix MC Plus noble gas mass spectrometer installed at the Australian National University (ANU) is reported. Results for sensitivity, mass discrimination and their linearity against partial pressure of noble gases, and mass resolution of the mass spectrometer are presented. 
        High mass resolution (>1,800) and mass resolving power (>8,000) make this mass spectrometer unique in noble gas cosmo-geochemistry. It provides the capability to measure isobaric interference free noble gas isotopes in multi-collector mode, significantly improves the accuracy to determine isotopic ratios, and greatly increases the efficiency of data acquisition.

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