RJL Hawke fellowship awarded to Bishakhdatta Gayen

Friday 14 July 2017

Congratulations to Bishakhdatta Gayen who has been awarded the RJL Hawke post-doctoral fellowship from the Australian Antarctic Science Program.

The RJL Hawke fellow is a prestigious role that will support Bishakhdatta over the next two years.

Bishakhdatta's research will study subsurface melting of ice shelves around Antarctic with implications for future global sea level rise.
The Antarctic Ice Sheet is losing ice at an increasing rate, predominantly due to ocean-driven melting beneath ice shelves. Field data under ice shelves is limited, measurements under relevant conditions are difficult in the laboratory, and parameterizations used in ocean models rely on uncertain coefficients and assumptions about the dominant mechanisms, setting model sensitivity to changing conditions.
Bishakhdatta will use the Hawke Fellowship to undertake cutting-edge numerical simulations to examine the complex dynamics of melting of ice-shelves in the presence of convection and turbulence. Convection-resolving simulations for ocean conditions have not been attempted by researchers elsewhere.
The project will provide the knowledge base for improved representation of these Antarctic processes in future global ocean models, from which more accurate projections of future climate and sea level will follow.

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