Dr Fiona Hibbert

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Research interests

I am interested in the interactions between the ice-ocean-climate system during the Quaternary. My current research focuses on the contribution of former ice-sheets to global sea-level budgets using both direct evidence such as marine records of ice-rafted debris and indirect evidence as recorded in coral or sedimentary archives. Much of my work is collaborative and interdisciplinary (encompassing aspects of glaciology, climatology, oceanography and geochronology). I joined the The Australian National University in 2016. Prior to this I was based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK) and obtained my PhD from the University of St Andrews (UK) in 2011.

Main research interests:

  • Sea-level change
  • Quaternary ocean and climate dynamics (especially ice-ocean-climate interactions)
  • The paleoceanography of the North Atlantic
  • Ice-rafted debris and its provenance
  • Tephra, marine radiocarbon and other methods of age control within marine sediments


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                           The Conversation   Sydney Morning Herald    ABC Radio

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