Dr Lauren Waszek

PhD, MSci, BA Cantab
DECRA Research Fellow

2017-present    Discovery Early Career Research Award fellow, Australian National University

2016-present    Assistant Professor in Physics, New Mexico State University

2016-present    Associate Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

2015-2016        Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Maryland College Park

2015                  Honorary Research Fellow, University of Liverpool

2012-2015        Junior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

2008-2012        PhD, Geophysics, University of Cambridge

2004-2008        MSci, BA, Experimental & Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge

Research interests

Current research projects:
• Discontinuities in the mid-mantle, and their relationship to deflection of convecting material
• Seismic tomography inversions of the upper inner core
• Geodynamic modeling for inner core hemispherical structure, reconciling geodynamics with seismology
• Upper mantle discontinuities beneath the Australian tectonic plate


Publications (some available to download at https://nmsu.academia.edu/LaurenWaszek):
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