Michael Anenburg

B.Sc, M.Sc (BGU), Ph.D (ANU)
Postdoctoral Fellow

I worked on rare earth element properties of allanite and epidote of ophiolitic plagiogranites in the Troodos ophiolite (Cyprus) for my M.Sc project at BGU in Israel. Afterwards I had a 1 year long industry experience, after which I decided to return to academia to pursue a Ph.D degree.

I am currently working on various magmatic-hydrothermal processes that lead to the formation of ore deposits of rare metals, including the REE (La-Lu), Y, PGE (platinum group elements), etc. I am particularly interested in the behaviour of these metals in carbonatites and related systems.

Find me on Twitter: @manenbu

Research interests

  • Rare earth elements in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
  • Carbonatites
  • Igneous sulfides


EMSC3007 Economic Geology

EMSC3024 Magmatism and Metamorphism