Dr Bishakhdatta Gayen

Research Fellow
ARC Fellow (DECRA)
AAD RJL Hawke Fellow
Jaeger 7, Room 2.20
 +61 2 61259968



Ph.D. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (U. C. San Diego, USA)


PHY 3034: Physics of Fluid


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23. M. Rosevear, B. Gayen, R. W. Griffiths (2017) Turbulent horizontal convection under spatially periodic forcing: a regime governed by interior inertia. J. Fluid Mech., 831, 491-523

22. C. Vreugdenhil,  R. W. Griffiths and B. Gayen (2017)
Geostrophic and chimney regime in the rotationg horizontal convection with imposed heat flux
J. Geophys Res. Oceans  823, 57-99

21. C. Vreugdenhil, B. Gayen and  R. W. Griffiths (2016)
Mixing and dissipation in a geostrophic buoyancy-driven circulation
J. Geophys Res. Oceans  121 (8), 6076-6091

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Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 798, 284-.298

19. R. W. Griffiths and B Gayen (2015)
Turbulent convection insights from small-Scale thermal forcing with zero net heat flux at a horizontal boundary.

Physical Review LettersPhys. Rev. Lett. 115, 204301

18.I. Rossa, A. McC. Hogg, A. E. Kiss and B. Gayen  (2015)
Topographc influence on sub-mesoscale dynamics in the Southern Ocean,  Geophysical  Research Lett. doi: 10.1002/2014GL062720

17.B. Gayen & S. Sarkar (2014)
PSI to turbulence during internal wave beam refraction through the upper ocean pycnocline,  Geophysical  Research Lett. 41, 8953–8960, doi: 10.1002/2014GL061226 pdf

16.B. Gayen, R. W. Griffiths and G. O. Hughes(2014)
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Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 124301 pdf

14.B. Gayen & S. Sarkar (2013)
Degradation of an internal wave beam by parametric subharmonic instability in an upper ocean pycnocline 
J. Geophys Res. Oceans, 118, 4689–4698, doi:10.1002/jgrc.20321  pdf

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9.N. R. Rapaka, B. Gayen & S. Sarkar (2013)
Direct and large eddy simulations of conversion to internal tides at a model ridge
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 715 pp 181 - 209

8. B. Gayen & S. Sarkar (2011)
Negative turbulent production during flow reversal in a stratified oscillating boundary layer on a sloping bottom p-1-4
Phys. Fluids Lett. 23, 101703 . pdf

7. B. Gayen & S. Sarkar (2011)
Boundary mixing by density overturns in an internal tidal beam   Geophysical Research Lett. VOL. 38, L14608. pdf

6. B. Gayen & M. Alam (2011)
Effect of Coulomb friction on orientational correlation and velocity distribution functions in a sheared dilute granular gas.    
Phys.  Rev. E., 84, 021304 . pdf

5.B. Gayen & S. Sarkar (2011)
Direct and large eddy simulations of internal tide generation at a near critical slope
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 681: 48-79.pdf

4. B. Gayen and S. Sarkar (2010)
Turbulence during the generation of internal tide on a critical slope.
Phys.  Rev. Lett., 104, p. 218502. pdf

3. B. Gayen and S. Sarkar and J. R. Taylor (2010)
LES of a stratified boundary layer under an oscillatory current.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 643, p. 233--266. pdf

2. B. Gayen & M. Alam (2008)
Orientational Correlation and Velocity Distributions in Uniform Shear Flow of a Dilute Granular Gas.
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1. B. Gayen & M. Alam (2006)
Algebraic and exponential instabilities in a sheared micropolar granular fluid.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 567, p. 195--233. pdf

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