Ms Kate Snow

PhD Student
J7, 211
 +61 2 61259958



I'm in the third year of my PhD investigating the representaiton of Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) within realistic coupled climate models. My work initially focused more specifically on how the overflows of AABW spilling from the Antarctic continental shelf into to the abysaal ocean may be improved through parameterisations. Susequent work investigated the role of changing surface buoyancy fluxes within the Southern Hemisphere in influencing the properties and transport of AABW. Both avenues of research were able to be undertaken through development of a novel realistic bathymetry/forcing ocean-ice coupled sector model of the Atlantic Ocean.


Research interests

  • The representation and methods for improving Antarctic Bottom Water in climate models.
  • The role Antarctic Bottom Water plays in a changing climate and the influence of surface buoyancy forces.
  • Drivers of cross shelf exchange flows on the continental shelf
  • Ice-ocean interactions





K. Snow, A. McC. Hogg, B. M. Sloyan and S. M. Downes, 2015, ‘Sensitivity of Antarctic Bottom Water to Changing Surface Buoyancy Fluxes’, Journal of Climate, under review.

Hutchinson, D. K., M. H. England, A. McC. Hogg and K. Snow, 2015, ‘Interhemishperic Asymmetry of Warming in an Eddy Permitting Coupled Sector Model’, Journal of Climate, In Press.

Snow, K., A. M. Hogg, S. M. Downes and B. M. Sloyan, 2015, ‘Sensitivity of Abyssal Water Masses to Overflow Parameterisations’, Ocean Modelling, 89, 84-103.

Snow, K. and B. R. Sutherland, 2014, ‘Particle-Laden Flows Down a Slope in Uniform Stratification’, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 755, 251-273.

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