Sareh Rajabi

PhD Student
Argon Laboratory Technical Assistant
Student - Earth Dynamics
Room 2.10 Jaeger 8, RSES
 +61 2 6125 59146



BSc/MSc in structural geology Research Center for Earth Sciences, Iran


Research interests

I am interested in studying microstructures and fabrics that represent deformation and thermal events within rocks. I study the microstructures to unravel the sequence of the events such as mylonitization, folding, metamorphism, anatexis, etc and apply different geochronology methods to constraint the age of the events.

My current project is dating events within a km-scale Himalayan recumbent fold, which is currently known as a fold-nappe. I am applying microstructurally focused geochronology on medium PT Barrovian series of the Greater Himalaya in NW India to unravel tectonic history of this giant fold. Understanding the nature of this fold and how it has been deformed in the post-collision time is a vital step towards understanding the evolution and exhumation of the Himalayas.  


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