Laura Miller

MSci Geology Imperial College London
PhD Student

I am working under the supervision of Hugh O'Neill on the high temperature geochemistry of As, Sb, Tl, Bi and Pb.  I have a particular interest in synchrotron science and spent 10 weeks at Diamond Light Source as an intern, have assisted with an experiment at ID21 of the ESRF, and have undertaken experiments related to my PhD at XAS of the Australian Synchrotron and GSECARS of the Advanced Photon Source.


Andrew J. Berry, Paul F. Schofield, Antonina N. Kravtsova, Laura A. Miller, Natasha R. Stephen, Andrew M. Walker, Alexander V. Soldatov, Trevor R. Ireland, K. Geraki, J. Fred W. Mosselmans. 2017. The limitations of hibonite as a single-mineral oxybarometer for early solar system processes. Chemical Geology, 466, 32-40.