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Environmental Processes group - Annual Report 2001

Holocene Records of the Indian Ocean Dipole
N.J. Abram and M.K. Gagan

Abrupt tropical cooling ~8,000 years ago
M.K. Gagan, L.K. Ayliffe*, H. Scott-Gagan, W.S. Hantoro, B.W. Suwargadi, D. Prayudi, M.T. McCulloch

Non-stationary ENSO teleconnections in northeast Australia Since 1650 AD
E. Hendy, M.K. Gagan and J. Lough

Diagenesis and Geochemistry of Late Quaternary Porites Corals: Implications for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions
H.V. McGregor and M.K.Gagan

Comparison of Diploastrea heliopora and Porites Corals for Palaeoclimate Reconstruction
T. Watanabe*, M.K. Gagan, W.S. Hantoro

Speleothem oxygen isotopic records from the Last Glacial Maximum
P. Treble

Rapid changes of sea level, ice sheets and deep-sea temperatures during the last glacial period
J. Chappell, T. Esat and Y. Yokoyama

Palaeoenvironmental records and radiocarbon dating at Niah Caves in north-eastern Sarawak
M. Bird, C. Hunt and G. Barker

Global-scale climate-related variations in the carbon isotope composition of soil organic carbon in coarse-textured soils
M. Bird, Y. Zhou, L. Vellen, J. Cowley, J.O. Carter and G.D. Farquhar

Anomalies in the Production of Australia's soil
J. Chappell

Understanding historical channel change: Channel stability and instability in south eastern Australia and their causes
P. Rustomji

Paleomagnetic dating of weathered regolith at Cobar, NS
B. Pillans, M. Smith and K. McQueen

Earth's Early Atmosphere and Biosphere
J.F. Lindsay and M.D. Brasier