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EARTH CHEMISTRY Annual Report 2002


Earth Chemistry Area: Introduction - Dr T.R. Ireland

Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry

Ion Probe Summary - Dr T.R. Ireland

High temperature processing of refractory inclusions

Using lithium isotopes to constrain granite petrogenesis

U-Pb Zircon Studies of Enclaves from the S-type Jillamatong Granodiorite, Lachlan Fold Belt, SE Australia

High-grade metamorphic equivalents of the Centralian Superbasin in the Harts Range region, central Australia

Timing of tectonothermal events in the Nuuk District: gold and late Archaean terrane assembly

Understanding eclogites and syn-extension granulite facies events in the E. Greenland Caledonian orogen: a zirconocentric perspective

Noble Gas Geochemistry Summary - Dr M. Honda

Neon isotope compositions in framesites from Jwaneng, Botswana

Cosmogenic 21Ne and 3He in clinopyroxene from New Zealand

Algorithm for automated tuning of a Nier-type ion source for mass spectrometric analysis of noble gases

Noble Gas Geochronology and Thermochronology Summary - Dr W.J. Dunlap

The K-Feldspar thermochronometer: a test of the recrystallisation hypothesis

Precise dating of a palaeolandscape in the Koobi Fora Formation, Northern Kenya

Palaeozoic reworking in the western Arunta Inlier: clues from 40Ar/39Ar geochronology

Geoscience Australia: Research at RSES

Geoscience Australia: Research at RSES Summary - Dr J. Claoué-Long

Detrital zircon U-Pb SHRIMP geochronology as an aid to mapping in the Tanami Region

Revealing the complex development of the Arunta region, central Australia.

40Ar/39Ar Geochronological Investigations in the Australian Proterozoic

Towards an understanding of the geological structure and evolution of the Gondwana supercontinent;

evidence from SHRIMP zircon dating of Palaeozoic granites from Tasmania, northern Victoria Land and the South Tasman Rise

Ore Genesis

Ore Genesis Summary - Dr I.H. Campbell

Reconstructed Palaeohydrology of a Volcano-centred Copper- and Gold-ore-forming Magmatic-Hydrothermal System

Origin and composition of ore-forming fluids in the giant Golden Mile gold deposit, Kalgoorlie Western Australia

A carbonatite source for alteration fluids at the Wallaby Gold Deposit, Laverton, Western Australia

Melting rates and melting efficiencies in mantle plumes