Annual Report 2002 STAFF AND STUDENTS


Director and Professor:

T.M. Harrison, BSc British Columbia, PhD ANU


J.M.A. Chappell, BSc NZ, MSc Auck, PhD ANU, FAAS

S.F. Cox, BSc Tas, PhD Monash

 R.W. Griffiths, BSc PhD ANU, FAIP

 R. Grün, DiplGeol, Dr rer nat habil Köln, DSc ANU

B.L.N. Kennett, MA PhD ScD Camb, FRAS, FAA

K. Lambeck, BSurv NSW, DPhil DSc Oxf, FAA, FRS

M.T. McCulloch, MAppSc WAIT, PhD CalTech

Senior Fellows:

J. Braun, LicSc Liège, PhD Dalhousie

I.H. Campbell, BSc WAust, PhD DIC Lond

G.F. Davies, MSc Monash, PhD CalTech

T. Esat, MSc Canada, PhD ANU

M. Honda, MSc PhD Tokyo

T.R. Ireland, BSc Otago, PhD ANU

I.N.S. Jackson, BSc Qld, PhD ANU

R.C.Kerr, BSc Qld, PhD Camb, FAIP

F.E.M. Lilley, BSc Syd, MSc PhD WOnt

H.St.C. O’Neill, BA Oxf, PhD Manc

B.J. Pillans, BSc PhD ANU

M.S.Sambridge, BSc Loughborough, PhD ANU


R.Armstrong, BSc MSc PhD Witwatersrand

V.C. Bennett, BSc PhD CalifLosAngeles

M.I. Bird, BSc Syd, PhD ANU

S. Eggins, BSc (Hons) MSc Melb PhD Tas

C.M. Fanning, BSc Adel

M.K. Gagan, BA CalifSantaBarbara, PhD JamesCook

R.R. Loucks, BS Colorado, PhD Harvard

M.Norman, BS Colorado, PhD Harvard

A.P. Nutman, BSc PhD Exeter

N.Spooner, BSc MSc Adel, PhD Oxon (until 16 August 2002)

I.S. Williams, BSc PhD ANU

Research Fellows:

A.J. Berry, BSc Syd, DPhil Oxf

W.J. Dunlap, BA CarletonColl, MS PhD Minn

F.G. Fabel, BSc PhD Melb

H.U. Faul, Vordiplom Ulm, PhD UOregon

G. Hughes, BE ME Auck, PhD Camb

J.A. Mavrogenes, BS Beloit, MS Missouri-Rolla, PhD VirginiaPolyTech

C. Meriaux, BPhys Paris XI, PhD Paris VII

A. Reading, BSc Edin, PhD Leeds

P. Tregoning, BSurv, PhD NSW

G. Yaxley, BSc PhD Tas

Postdoctoral Fellows:

C. Alibert, MSc Paris VII, PhD CRPG (from 3 June 2002)

J.R. Ballard, BSc ICSTM UK, (until 7 May 2002)

C. Bryant, BSc UNE, PhD ANU

A. Gorbatov, BSc Moscow, BSc PhD UNAM

J. Hermann, Diplom PhD ETH Zürich

A.Kiss, BSc PhD ANU

J.F. Marshall, BSc UNSW, MSc ANU (from 22 May 2002)

S.N. McLaren, BSc, PhD Adelaide (from 20 February 2002)

S. Micklethwaite, PhD Leeds (from 28 October 2002)

N.Rawlinson, BS Monash

D. Rubatto, BSc MSc Turin, PhD ETH Zürich

E. Tenthorey, BSc McGill MSc Florida PhD Columbia


Dr C. Alibert (RSES)

Profressor J. Avouac (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris France)

Dr M. Basei (Institute of Geoscience, Sao Paolo Brazil)

Dr L.P. Black (Geoscience Australia)

Professor K. Cashman (University of Oregon, USA)

Dr J. Claoué-Long (Geoscience Australia )

Professor A. Cooper (University of Otago, New Zealand)

Dr P. Cummins (Geoscience Australia)

Dr E. Debayle (Institue de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, France)

Dr M. Elliot (Columbia University, USA)

Professor E. Eriksson (Virginia Polytechnical Institute, USA)

Dr T. Esat (Geology, Faculty of Science, ANU)

Dr G.L. Fraser (Geoscience Australia)

Dr S. Frederiksen (University of Aarhus, Denmark)

Dr. C. Friend (Oxford Brookes University, GBR)

Mr C. Foudoulis (Geoscience Australia)

Professor Y. Fukao (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Dr A. Glikson (GeoSpectral Research, ACT)

Professor D. Green (RSES)

Dr R.W. Henley (Consultant)

Dr A.M. Heimsath (University of California, Berkeley)

 Dr J. Hermann (RSES)

Dr Y. Jia (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Dr M. Idnurm (Geoscience Australia)

Associate Professor T. Iidaka (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Dr G. Kaufmann (German Research Society Fellow)

Professor H. Kwakatsu (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Professor P.C Link (Idaho State University, USA)

Dr R.R. Loucks (RSES)

Dr P.L. McFadden (Geoscience Australia)

Dr C. Montross (Ringwood Super-Abrasives ACT, Australia)

Dr L.N. Moresi (CSIRO)

Dr W. Müller (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Dr K. Niida (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Dr M. Obayashi (Marine Science and Technology Center Kanagawa, Japan)

Dr R. Page (Geoscience Australia)

Professor H. Palme (University of Cologne, Germany)

Dr A. Pike (University of Oxford, GBR)

Dr M. Pimentel (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

Dr D. Rubatto (ETH, Zurich)

Professor R.W.R. Rutland (RSES)

Dr N. Spooner (RSES)

Dr C. Stafford (Tohoku University Sendai, Japan)

Dr S. Vergniolle de Chantal (Institute de Physique du Globe, Paris)

Professor D. Walker (RSES)

Dr T. Watanabe (National Science Museum, Tokyo)

Professor S. Weaver (Universtiy of Canterbury, New Zealand)

Dr S. Webb (Geology, The Faculties ANU)

Associate Professor A. White (Flinders University Adelaide, Australia)

Dr J. Wynn (University of Oregon, USA)

Professor A. Yaghubpur (Teacher Training University Tehran, Iran)

Professor L. B. Zhu (Peking University Beijing, China


Dr A.Anma from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, visited the PRISE Group for one week with the aim of establishing the absolute ages for a number of Miocene plutons in Japan through SHRIMP U-Pb dating of zircons, as well as establishing the ages of inherited zircons and cores.

Ms C. Augustsson from the Westfaische Wilhelms Universitat, Germany, visited the PRISE Group for ten days to work on “The detrital zircon project” and carry out analyses using SHRIMP.

Dr J. Ballard, ANU was a visitor with the Earth Chemistry Group for two months for the purpose of continuing collaboration on the research project “Predictive Guides to Copper and Gold Mineralisation at Circum-Pacific Convergent Plate Margins”.

Professor C. Beamont of the Dalhousie University, Canada, visited for six weeks to develop new methods to solve large-scale tectonic problems in three-dimensions, working with the Geodynamics, Earth Physics Group.

Mr A. Bisnath of the University of Durban, South Africa visited the PRISE Group for 12 days to carry out analyses using SHRIMP.

Ms R. Boshoff of the Rand Afrikaans University South Africa, visited the PRISE Group for one month to work on SHRIMP U-Pb zircon measurements to establish the timing of the Limpopo Orogeny.

Dr I. Buick of the La Trobe University Vic, Australia, visited for four days to work with Dr Joerg Hermann into REE and trace element constraints of high-pressure processes using the RSES laser (La-) ICPMS facility.

Ms S. DeVries from the Utrecht University, The Netherlands, visited the PRISE Group for three weeks to carry out analyses using SHRIMP as part of the research in relation to the Barberton Mountain Land.

Ms K. Durand from the University of Newcastle, Australia, visited for four days on two occasions for the purpose of using the Group’s stable-isotope mass spectrometer to make collaborative measurements on freshwater bivalves from the Gregory River, North Queensland and to investigate the late Quaternary climatic history of northern Australia.

Ms T. Ewing from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, visited for four days for the purpose of continuing research for the project “Provenance and depositional settings of the Loch Burn Formation, Eastern Fjordland: Implications for the Median Tectonic Zone”.

Dr A. Fioretti from the Institute of Geoscience Padova, Italy, visited for two months to collaborate with Dr Lance Black from Geoscience Australia and the Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry Group, RSES.

Dr S. Frank from the Institute of Climate Impact Research Potsdam, Germany, visited the Isotope Geochemistry Group for two days to present a seminar at RSES with the provisional title of “Modeling the long-term evolution of the ecosphere.”

Dr T. Fujioka ANU, was a visitor for fourteen weeks to pursue his interests in utilising cosmogenic noble gases in relation to exposure ages of the Earth’s surface.

Mr P. Fullsack from the Dalhousie University Halifax, Canada visited for six weeks to develop new methods to solve large-scale tectonic problems in three-dimensions, working with the Geodynamics, Earth Physics Group.

Professor M. Garcia ANU was a visitor for ten days to develop new methods for solving large-scale tectonic problems in three-dimensions, working with the Geodynamics, Earth Physics Group.

Dr S. Gardiner from Alligator Creek Qld, visited for 12 months. The purpose of the visit was to work with Professor Malcolm McCulloch.

Mr L. Gemmer from the Dalhousie University Halifax, Canada, visited for six weeks to develop new methods to solve large-scale tectonic problems in three-dimensions, working with the Geodynamics, Earth Physics Group.

Mr F. Gesto ANU was a visitor for four months to improve his skills in Fortran programming.

Dr R. Gillespie ANU was a visitor for two weeks to perform extracts from rare Thylacoleo specimens recovered by the Museum of WA.

Mr R. Huismans from the Dalhousie University Halifax, Canada, visited for six weeks to develop new methods to solve large-scale tectonic problems in three-dimensions, working with the Geodynamics, Earth Physics Group.

Ms J. Kapp ANU visited the Earth Chemistry Group for eight days.

Mr R. Kemp from Victoria, visited the Earth Chemistry Group for eleven days.

Ms K. Lilly visited the Earth Environment Group for ten months for the purpose of undertaking Honours research (preliminary title: Retrospective analysis of climate extremes in the Australian Great Barrier Reef), using the Group’s stable-isotope facilities.

Dr T. Matsumo from the Osaka University, Japan, visited with Dr M. Honda for one week to exchange research interests, in particular, on the mantle evolution model developed by the Osaka Group.

Ms J. McDonald from East Maitland, NSW, visited the Earth Environment Group for five week to undertake U-Th dating as part of her thesis.

Associate Professor B. Mahoney from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, USA, visited for three weeks to carry out various detrital zircon projects, as supported by NSF and other grants.

Mr N. Nhelko from the Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa, visited the PRISE Group for five days to work on a SHRIMP U-Pb zircon provenance study of sediments of the Pongola Group in Southern Africa, on a collaborative basis.

Mr M. O'Leary from the James Cook University Townsville, visited for two months for the purpose of working with Professor Malcolm McCulloch on a joint ARC project.

Dr R. Pankhurst from the British Geological Survey, England, visited for six weeks to carry out work on the Sierras Pampeanas project in collaboration with Dr Casquet and Dr Rapela, as well as to carry out analyses as part of the Southern Patagonian Batholith project with Professor Hervé, Santiago, Chile.

Professor I. Parsons from the University of Edinburgh, UK, visited the Earth Physics Group for two months to undertake TEM work on feldspars with Dr John Fitz Gerald.

Dr C. Rapela from the Universidad Nacional La Plata, Argentine, visited the PRISE Group during September to carry out work on the Sierras Pampeanas project in collaboration with Dr Casquet and Dr Pankhurst.

Dr N. Stevens from the Gracefield Research Centre, New Zealand, visited to establish a collaboration on the project titled “The eruptive behaviour of the large channeled Tongariro andesite lava flows” with the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Group.

Ms K. Selway fromSouth Australia, visited Dr Lilley and other members of the Seismology and Geomagnetism group for four days to discuss her honours results.

Ms A. Storkey from the La Trobe University Vic, Australia, visited for four days to work with Dr Joerg Hermann into REE and trace element constraints of high-pressure processes using the RSES laser (La-) ICPMS facility.

Dr C. Turney from the University of London, UK, visited the Environmental Processes Group, between June and September. The visit was in relation to applying ABOX radiocarbon techniques to dating early human occupation in Australia.

Dr G. Whitmore from the University of Natal, South Africa, visited the PRISE Group for nine days to undertake SHRIMP zircon dating of detrital zircons from the heavy mineral deposits along the east coast of South Africa and Mozambique.

Professor E. Zinner from the Washington University, USA, visited for six weeks for the purpose of collaboration on the ARC Discovery Project titled “Lithic Astonomy: The age and origin of the elements and their incorporation in the solar nebula.”

Research Officers:

D.R. Christie, MA Tor, PhD ANU

P. Holden, BSc Lancaster, PhD St. Andrews, (from 27 February 2002)

S.E. Kesson, BSc Syd, PhD ANU

H.W.S. McQueen, BSc Qld, MSc York, PhD ANU

N.G. Ware, MSc Durh

Research Assistants:

A. Arcidiaco, BApp Sc, Grad Dip SA Inst

B.J. Armstrong, BSc UNISA

I.T. Harman, BSc Applied Math Uni Armidale(from 27 May 2002)

R.W.L Martin, BSc ANU

A. Purcell, BSc PhD ANU

R. Stanaway, BAppSc Qld Utech

L. Weston, BSc Macquarie

Post-graduate Students

PhD Candidates:

N. Abram, BSc Hons Syd

B. Ayling, BSc Victoria University NZ

S. Fishwick, BSc Uni of Edinburgh

L.M. Glass, BSc WA

R. Fraser, Btech BSc Flin

A.C. Hack, AssocDi App Sc CIT, BSc ANU

C.J. Heath, BSc Monash

F. Herman, Civ Eng, Belgium

T.-K. Hong, BSc MSc, Seoul National

B. Jenkins, BSc, UTS Sydney

X. Liu, MS, ChineseAcSci, BSc ChinaUnivGeosci

A. Lyman, BSc, MSc, Arizona State

H.V. McGregor, BSc JamesCook

D. Maidment, BSc UNSW

I. McCulloch, BSc UNSW, Grad Dip ANU

J. Mullarney, BA Cambridge MSc Bristol

T.A. Nicholson, BSc Vict Well

E.-K.M. Potter, BSc Woll, BSc ANU

D. Qu, Petroleum Inst Jianghan, MSc Acadamy of Sciences China

P. Rustomji, BSc ANU

M. Smith, BSc UNSW

S. Sommacal, Laurea in Science Geologiche (BSc)Univ Degli Studi Di Padova

A. Stoltze, BSc Curtin

W. Sun, BSc MSc USTC

P. Treble, BSc Woll, BSc ANU

J. Trotter, BSc and MSc Macq

T. Wyndham, BSc ANU

K. Yoshizawa, MSc Hiroshima

Y. Zhou, BSc MSc Chengdu Inst Tech

Masters Candidate:

R. Stanaway, BAppSc, Qld UTech

Hales Honours Year Scholar:

T. Burgess

K. Procko


Executive Officer:

            B.A. Payne, BA ANU (until 1 September 2002)

            G. Kretschmer, BSc Flind, Phd ANU (from 2 September 2002)

Assistant Executive Officer:

            G. Kretschmer, BSc Flind Phd ANU (until 1 September 2002)

            M. Murphy, (from 4 November 2002)

Technical Officers:

C. Allen, AB Princeton MS Oregon, PhD VirginiaTech

J.T.A. Arnold, BSc (Agr) Syd, GradDipElect CCAE

A.R. Beasley, AssocDipMechEng CIT

V. Baek-Hansen

P. J. Biggs

J. Cali, BAppSc QIT

D.L. Corrigan

J.A. Cowley, BSc ANU

J.D. Fitz Gerald, BSc James Cook, PhD Monash

A.W. Forster

J.J. Foster, BSc Syd, MSc PhD ANU

J.H. Grant

W.O. Hibberson, BAppSc CCAE

N. Hill, BA ANU

I. Iatsevitch, BEng Tashkent Polytec Inst, PhD Russian Academy of Sciences

B. Jenkins, BASc UTS

D. Kelleher, Assoc Dip Cartog CIT

L.P.J. Kinsley, BSc GradDipSc ANU

H. Kokkonen, BAppSc CCAE

C. Krayshek

J. Lanc

A. Latimore

R.E. Maier

C.J. Morgan

G.E. Mortimer, BSc PhD Adelaide

J. Mya, BSc Mandalay

S. Paxton

A.J. Percival

N. Schram, Dip EIE SAIT

D. Scott

H. Scott-Gagan, BSc Syd

J.M.G. Shelley, MSc Cant

S.P. Sirotjuk, AssocDipEng (Electronics) Gordon TAFE

L. Taylor, BA ANU

D.B. Thomson

R.M. Waterford

G. Watson

A.R.W. Welsh, BAppSc CCAE

R.E. Willison

A. Wilson

G.F. Woodward

R. Wylde-Browne (until 18 July 2002)

X. Zhang, PhD LaTrobe

Trainee Technical Officer:

B. Ferguson (from 14 October 2002)

C.A. Saint (from 19 March 2002)


            B. Taylor, (from 27 November 2002)

Information Technology

            D. Bolt, BSc Syd

            S. Robertson, DipAppPhys Gordon Inst Tech, MSc BSc ANU

School Librarian - Librarian’s Staff:

            S. Jackson, BA ANU, Grad Dip Lib Inf Man UC

            C. Harney, DipLibInfStud CIT


            F. Chivas (until 29 November 2002)

            T. Coombes (until 12 July 2002)

            C.J. Cullen (from 14 August 2002)

            P. Delatorre, (from 17 June 2002)

            J.A. Delhaize (until 21 February 2002)

            P.A. Gillard (until 1 April 2002)

            V.M. Gleeson

            W.A. Hampton

            M. Hooper

            D.H. Kelly

            M. Lukatela, BA Mod. Lang, Grad Dip Lib, CCAE

            M. McDonald, BAppSc (Phys) CCHS, GradDipAccount, Monash

            R. MacPherson

            R. A. Petch, (from 20 May 2002)

            K. Provins

            M. C. Turner, DipMan CIT (from 23 September 2002)

            E. Ward

Research School of Earth Sciences Advisory Committee

Professor Lovering (Chair), Emeritus Professor, Flinders University and University of Melbourne.

Professor T. Mark Harrison, Director, RSES

Professor J. Hearn, Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Research), ANU

Professor B.L.N. Kennett, RSES

Dr H. StC. O’Neill, RSES

Professor R. Griffiths, RSES

Dr B. Schmidt, RSAA

Professor S. O’Reilly, Director, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Macquarie University

Dr C. Pigram, Geoscience Australia

Professor N. Phillips, CSIRO

Mr G. Hall, Chief Geologist, Placer Dome Asia Pacific




Thesis Title

Supervisor/ Advisor

Ms L.M. Glass

Petrogenesis and geochronology of the north Australian Kalkasingji low-tide continental flood basalt province

Supervisors: Dr H. O'Neill and Dr V. Bennett (RSES)

Advisors: Dr I. Campbell and Dr I. Williams (RSES)

Mr T.A. Nicholson

Development and application of new techniques for global travel times and source location

Supervisors: Dr M. Sambridge (RSES)

Advisors: Professor B.L.N. Kennett (RSES)

Ms E. M. Potter

Sea level, ice sheets and climate during marine isotope sub-stages 5a and 5c

Supervisor: Professor K. Lambeck (RSES)

Advisors: Professor J. Chappell, Dr T. Esat and Dr. H McQueen

Mr B.D. Rohrlach

Tectonic evolution, petrochemistry, geochronology and palaeohydrology of the Tampakan porphyry and high sulphidation epithermal Cu-Au deposit, Mindanao, Philippines

Supervisor: Dr I. Campbell (RSES)

Advisors: Dr R. Loucks, Professor I. McDougall and Dr M. Palin

Mr K. Yoshizawa

Development and application of new techniques for surface wave tomography

Supervisor: Professor B. Kennett (RSES)

Advisors: Professor I. Jackson and Dr M. Sambridge (RSES)


Australian National University Scholarship:

Mr F. Herman

Mr A. Lyman

Mr M. Smith

Australian Postgraduate Award:

Mr I. McCulloch

Ms J. Trotter

Mr T. Wyndham

Graduate School Scholarship:

Ms B. Ayling

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship:

Mr D. Qu

Admission Only - Postgraduate Research

Mr B. Jenkins

A.L. Hales Honours Year Scholarship:

Mr T. Burgess - Australian National University

·      Project: An investigation into the use of fast marching methods for global seismology

·      Supervisors: Dr M. Sambridge and Dr N. Rawlinson

Ms T. Milczarek - Australian National University

·      Project: Receiver function studies of the upper mantle

·      Supervisor: Professor B.L.N. Kennett

Ms K Procko - Australian National University

·      Project: Interstation methods for surface waves

·      Supervisor: Professor B.L.N. Kennett


Shaun Barker - University of Otago

·      Project: U-Th-He dating of Tuross Gorge

·      Supervisor: Dr J. Dunlap

Katrina Brown - University of Waikato

            Project: Stable isotopes in faunal remains from the Burra megafauna site

            Supervisors: Professor R. Grun and Dr M. Gagan

Melissa Coman - Australian National University

·      Project: Experimental project in GFD Lab

·      Supervisor: Professor R. Griffiths

Simon Granville - University of Wellington

·      Project: The effect of partial melting of the seismic wave speeds in olivine

·      Supervisor: Professor I. Jackson

Tennille Mares - University of New South Wales

·      Project: Determining sediment inputs into the central Great Barrier Reef using coral records

·      Supervisor: Professor M. McCulloch

Adam McKinnon - University of Western Sydney

·      Project: Isotope chemistry of pre-solar material

·      Supervisor: Dr T. Ireland

Nora Patterson

·      Project: Melting history of Lambert glaciers

·      Supervisors: Professor K. Lambeck, Dr H. McQueen and Dr T. Purcell

Nicholas Tailby - Australian National University

·      Project: Oxidation state of Fe in silicate melts

·      Supervisors: Dr J. Mavrogenes

Suzannah Toulmin - University of Wellington

·      Project: Recent tectonics of the New Britain area PNG, using earthquake locations in association with GPS measurements

·      Supervisors: Dr P. Tregoning


Academic Staff

Mr J.P. Bernal was awarded the CONACyT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia) Prize by the Mexican Council for Science and Technology.

Professor M. Harrison was named a Highly Cited Researcher by the Institute for Scientific Information, placing him in the top 0.5% of all publishing researchers over the past 20 years.

Dr J. Hermann qualified for appointment as an Assistant Professor in Petrology, at an examination held in Urbino, Italy.

Dr A.E. Kiss was awarded the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Federation PhD Prize.

Professor M.T. McCulloch was elected as a Fellow of the American Geophysical University on in 2002 for major contributions to understanding the origin and evolution of the Earth’s continental crust and mantle and environmental science and climate change.


Ms E. Hendy, a PhD student, was awarded the RSES Robert Hill Memorial Prize in recognition of her interdisciplinary research and effective communication in the earth sciences.

Ms H. McGregor was awarded recipient of the Australasian Quaternary Association Travel Prize to attend the NCCR Swiss International Climate Summer School, Grindelwald, Switzerland, September 2002.

Ms E. Potter and Ms P. Treble were awarded the Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Fellowship.

Ms J. Trotter was awarded a Paleontological Society Grant-in-Aid Award, granted by the Paleontological Society and funded by the Mid-America Paleontological Society. Her research proposal was 1 of the 2 top-ranked applicants in an international field of 50, and so was also awarded with a certificate for Outstanding Research Proposal.