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NEW GRANTS for 2003

Australian Research Council Grants (commenced in 2003)

Discovery Project Grants

Dr R. Armstrong: Precise global time scale for the oxidation of Earth’s atmosphere between 2.6 and 2.0 billion years ago,
$60,000 (2003-05).

Dr A. J. Berry and Dr J. Hermann: Water storage in the Earth’s mantle – understanding the process of OH incorporation in olivine,
$87,000 (2003-04).

Dr J. Braun: Constraining landform response to tectonic and climate changes in an active orogen: a multi-disciplinary approach,
$385,000 (2003 - 05).

Prof J. Chappell, Dr M. Honda, Dr D. Fabel and Dr L.K. Fifield: Production and transport of soil and sediments,
determined by cosmogenic radionuclides and noble gases, $295,000 (2003-05).

Prof J. Chappell and Dr T. Esat: Millenial scale instability of sea level and climate system: new analysis of coral terraces
in Papua New Guinea, $295,000 (2003-05).

Dr W. Dunlap and Dr S. McLaren: From synchrotron characterisation of single fluid inclusions to archaen geodynamic:
an integrated study of fluid-rock interaction in the primitive crust, $46,200 (2003-05).

Dr M. Gagan: Quantifying the El-Nino-Indian Ocean Dipole system using high-resolution coral palaeoclimate archives,
$300,000 (2003-05).

Dr R.W. Griffiths and Dr R.C. Kerr: The fluid dynamics of lava flows: Silicic domes and basaltic channels. $220,000, (2003-05).

Prof R. Grün and Dr M.K. Gagan: Stable Isotopes in marsupials: reconstruction of environmental change in Australia,
$210,000 (2003-05).

Prof T.M. Harrison, Dr T.R. Ireland and Dr V.C Bennett: A mission to very early Earth: when did conditions suitable
for life emerge on Earth?’ $300,000 (2003-05).

Dr M. Honda: Diamonds – a window into the ancient mantle; the origin and Earth’s atmosphere and outgassing of the mantle,
$50,000 (2003).

Dr T. Ireland: Lithic astronomy: the age and origin of the elements and their incorporation in the solar nebular, $195,000 (2003-05).

Prof B.L.N. Kennett: Craton edges and sutures in the Australian mantle, $340,000 (2003-05).

Prof K. Lambeck, Dr D. Fabel and Dr P. Tregoning: Looking back to see the future: Change in the Lambert Glacier
and the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, $530,000 (2003-2006).

Prof G.S. Lister and Prof T.M. Harrison:Tectonic reconstruction of the evolution of the Alpine-Himalayan orogenic chain,
$710,000 (2003-07).

Dr A.P. Nutman and Dr V.C. Bennett: Early Archaen Ecology – exploring the evidence and habitats for early
(3.6 – 3.85 billion year old) life, $162,000 (2003-05).

Dr A.P. Nutman: Deep crustal section through a late archaen orogon (Greenland): Archaen crustal sutures, abyssal peridotites
and gold, $170,000 (2003-05).

Dr H.S.C. O’Neill, Dr J. Hermann, Dr J. Mavrogenes and Prof R.J. Arculus: Properties of hydrous fluids and silicate melts
at very high temperatures and pressures, $260,000 (2003-05).

Dr C. Pelejero: Uptake of Atmospheric CO2 in the oceans and implications for global change: new proxy developments, $263,035

Dr P. Tregoning: Caught in a vice: Modelling crustal deformation in Papua New Guinea, $380,000 (2003-07).

ARC Linkage International Grant

Dr I. Jackson: High temperature elastic wave speeds of mantle minerals and their seismological implications, $20,000 (2003-04).

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant

Dr J. Braun, Dr M Sambridge ARC LIEF: GeoWulf: An Inference Engine for Complex Earth Systems, $376,951 (2003).

Other Grants commenced in 2003

Dr A.J. Berry, grant from the Victorian Dept of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development for the Australian Geological Convention,
$10,795 (2003).

Dr A.J. Berry, ANSTO ASRP grant to undertake work at the Australian National Beamline Facility, Photon Factory, Japan, $4,370 (2003).

Dr A.J. Berry, Dr J. Mavrogenes and Dr H. O’Neill, ANSTO AMRFP grant to visit GSECARS, Advanced Photon Source,
Argonne National Laboratory, USA, $11,050 (2003).

Dr A.J. Berry, Dr H. O’Neill and Mr S. Sommacal, ANSTO AMNRF grant to visit the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility,
Grenoble, France, $11,150 (2003).

Dr A.J. Berry, ANSTO ASRP grant, $6,680 (2003).

Dr E. Tenthorey, Swiss National Science Foundation Research Fellowship for work to be conducted at the ANU, $105,000 (2003).

Dr J.G. Wynn, Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering: AMS C-14 determinations of particle size fractions
from Australian soil organic carbon (SOC) to test Century model of SOC dynamics, $7357 (2003).

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