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Research Activities

Earth Chemistry

Science Contributions: Titles in alphabetical order all files are .PDF

2720 Ma relict high pressure metamorphic assemblages from West Greenland - a new development in understanding late Archaean tectonics
Allen P. Nutman (Earth Chemistry, RSES) and Clark R.L. Friend (Oxford Brookes University, U.K.)

Characterization of ore fluid(s) at the Wallaby Gold Deposit using scheelite.
Amanda Stoltze and Ian Campbell

Characterization and calibration of 40Ar/39Ar dating standards
T. L. Spell and I. McDougall

Crystallization Versus Cooling Ages of White Micas: Dramatic Effect of K-poor Inclusions on 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra
W. J. Dunlap

Evaluation of nucleogenic component in cosmogenic neon surface exposure dating
T. Fujioka, M. Honda, J. Chappell, I. Yatsevich, K. Fifield# and D. Fabel

Lithium isotopes in granite petrogenesis – New England Batholith
C.J. Bryant, B.W. Chappell1, V. Bennett and M.T. McCulloch

Melting rates and melting efficiencies in mantle plumes
Ian H. Campbell and Geoffrey F. Davies

Nucleogenic xenon in polycrystalline diamonds from Jwaneng, Botswana?
M. Honda, D. Phillips1 and J. W. Harris2

Palaeozoic high-grade metamorphism of the Centralian Superbasin, central Australia
David Maidment, Ian Williams & Martin Hand

Platinum Group Element Partitioning in sulphide melts: implications on the sulphide/silicate partition coefficients in silicate melts
Fonseca, R.; Campbell, I. H.; O’Neill, H. St. C. & Allen, C.

Radiogenic, nucleogenic and fissiogenic noble gas compositions in early Archaean magmatic zircons from Greenland
M. Honda, A.P. Nutman, V.C. Bennett and I. Yatsevich

Relevance of new geochronology to mineral exploration in the Curnamona, NSW and SA
Rod Page, RSES

Pedictive Minerals Discovery Cooperative Research Centre (pmdCRC)SHRIMP Stable Isotope Developments
Trevor Ireland, John Foster, Peter Holden, Peter Lanc & Ian Williams

Paleoproterozoic eclogite from the Snowbird tectonic zone, western Canadian Shield
Ian Williams, Julia Baldwin, Samuel Bowring & Michael Williams

40Ar/39Ar age of gold mineralisation at the giant Golden Mile deposit Kalgoorlie: Implications for Archaean geochronology.
C.J. Heath, W.J. Dunlap & I.H. Campbell