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Research Activities

Earth Materials

Rock Physics

Seismic Properties and Interpretation

The structure of the Earth's mantle interpreted through laboratory measurements of seismic wave speeds and attenuation: background and techniques.

High-temperature ultrasonic interferometry: polycrystalline MgO and pyrope garnet. S. Granville, G. Gwanmesia, I. Jackson, C. Saint and L. Weston

High-temperature viscoelastic relaxation in olivine-dominated upper-mantle materials and its seismological implications. U. Faul, J. Fitz Gerald, I. Jackson, H. Kokkonen and C. Saint

Coupling Between Fluid Flow, Deformation Processes and Reaction

Reaction Enhanced Permeability and the Generation of Intermediate Depth Earthquakes. E. Tenthorey and S.F. Cox

Trace Element Composition of Fuilds during Serpentinite Dehydration. E. Tenthorey and J. Herman

Stress Transfer Modelling for Area Selection in Mesothermal Gold Systems S. Micklethwaite and S.F. Cox

Evolution of Fluid Pathways During Deformation S.F. Cox

Deformation and Melt Transport at Slow Spreading Ridges: Initial Results from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 209 U. Faul and Leg 209 Shipboard Scientific Party