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Research Activities

Earth Environment 2004


Research Abstracts

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Investigating Rock Surface Coatings – an integrated environmental and archaeological approach

Trace elements in Tridacna clams from Huon Peninsula, PNG - indicators of palaeoclimate and potential for U-series dating?

High-resolution palaeoclimate reconstruction of Holocene and modern corals in the Philippines, northern western Pacific warm pool

Geochemical ecology of a high latitude coral, Gulf St Vincent, South Australia

Dust-induced changes in phytoplankton composition in the Tasman Sea during the last four glacial cycles.

Regional and continental-scale erosion from cosmogenic nuclides & The history of aridity in Australia

Silica sponges – archives of palaeoseawater pCO 2 ?

Stable isotope analysis of koala bone collagen, enamel carbonate and diet

Dating of Australian arid landforms using cosmogenic 21 Ne surface exposure dating

Advances in Understanding the Post-glacial History of Tropical Australasia

A cautionary dating tale from down-under: the megafauna site of Rocky River on Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Terrestrial Runoff into the Great Barrier Reef: Direct evidence from corals for major increases in anthropogenic fluxes since European settlement

Mg/Ca variation within the planktic foraminifer Orbulina universa

U–Pb dating of late-stage anatase in silcrete

High resolution coral records of reactive and micronutrient trace metals: Monitoring biological responses to flood plumes.