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Research Activities

Earth Environment 2005


You can download the entire 2005 Earth Environment Research Highlights document in PDF format HERE 1.26Mb

Research Abstracts

All files are .PDF

Late Holocene reconstruction of strong El Niño events

Geochemical ecology of a high latitude coral: establishing high resolution records to evaluate potential as a paleoclimate archive

Regional and continental-scale erosion in the Yangtse River catchment, China, from cosmogenic nuclides

The history of aridity in Australia

Micro-sampling of skeletal mass accumulation in the tissue layer of Porites: implications for paleo-environmental reconstruction

Dating of Australian arid landforms using cosmogenic Ne/Be exposure dating

Long-term perspectives on monsoon dynamics, environmental shifts, and early human impacts in southern Australasia

In situ U-series microanalysis of fossil human remains

Proliferation and Demise of Deep-Sea Corals in the Mediterranean During the Younger Dryas

High resolution coral record of Indo-Pacific Warm Pool climate during the penultimate deglaciation, Sumba, Indonesia

The age of the Simpson Desert, Australia

Characterising southwest Australia's natural rainfall variability for the past 1000 years using speleothem records

Chemical systematics of conodont apatite determined by aser-ablation ICPMS

Ultrastructure, permeability, and integrity of conodont apatite determined by Transmission Electron Microscopy