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Research Activities 2007

Earth Physics


Click on the links below to read the 2007 Earth Physics research highlights or Click HERE to download the PDF version 44 pages 3.9Mb



Research into the structure and dynamics of the Earth uses a range of physical and mathematical techniques and is grouped into the three main themes of Seismology and Mathematical Geophysics, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, and Geodynamics and Geodesy. The work spans observational, theoretical, laboratory, computational and data oriented studies, all directed towards understanding the structure and physical processes in the earth's interior, the crust or the earth's fluid envelope. New staff commencing during 2007 include two new continuing faculty members: Dr H. Tkalcic in observational seismology and Dr A. McC. Hogg in ocean modelling. Postdoctoral staff members P. Arroucau and M. Salmon joined the seismology group. PhD students A. Abdulah, J. Hauser and E. Saygin graduated. Read More...

Research Projects


Enhanced infrasound monitoring stations for CTBT verification - Douglas Christie

Geophysical Applications of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar - John Dawson

Uplift of the Catania Coastline Constrained by Submerged Speleothems and Archaelogical Evidence - Andrea Dutton

Projected sea-level changes from glacier melt in the 21st century - Gisela Estermann

Studies of water signals using space gravity data - Paul Tregoning

Structure and Evolution of the Australian Continent: Geospatial Component - Paul Tregoning

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Mantle Evolution: Integrating Dynamics, Chemistry and Tectonics - Geoffrey Davies

Exchange flows between ocean basins - Ross Griffiths

Glacial Cycles and Carbon Dioxide - Andrew Hogg

Modelling the sensitivity of the ocean thermohaline circulation to changing forcing - Graham Hughes

The stability of strongly tilted mantle plume tails - Ross Kerr

Effects of upstream disturbances on headland wakes in coastal waters - Melanie O'Byrne

Internal Activity and Evolution of Exoplanets - Andreea Papuc

Kinematics and flow patterns in deep mantle and upper mantle subduction models: Influence of the slab to mantle viscosity ratio and the mantle depth - Wouter Schellart

Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics


Tomography with self adaptive parametrisation - Thomas Bodin

Imaging seismic discontinuities of the lithosphere beneath Southern Australia - Fabrice Fontaine

Multi arrival wavefront tracking in three dimensions - Jürg Hauser

Wombat: An evolving seismic array experiment in Australia - Nick Rawlinson

Teleseismic tomography of the upper mantle beneath the southern Lachlan Orogen, Australia - Nick Rawlinson

Use of coda wave interferometry for estimating properties of earthquake sources - David Robinson

Finite-fault Slip Inversions for the Australian Tsunami Warning System - Malcolm Sambridge

Patching the holes in ray-path coverage of the lowermost mantle in the southern hemisphere: PcP waves observed in Antarctica - Hrvoje Tkalcic

On the inner-outer core density ratio from previously unobserved steep-incidence inner core reflections - Hrvoje Tkalcic