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NEW GRANTS commenced in 2007


Australian Research Council Grants
Commonwealth Government Grants
Other Grants

Australian Research Council Grants

Discovery Project Grants

Dr. J. Brocks: Molecular fossils environmental genomics and the natural history of an Australian salt lake. $26,300 (2007-2010)

Prof. J. Chappell: Exposure dating with manganese-53, neon-21 and beryllium-10: a new toolkit for studying long-term landscape evolution. $378,000 (2007-2009) Led by Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University

Dr. S. Eggins: The Southern Ocean’s role in determining atmospheric CO2 levels: new insights from novel biogenic silica records of seawater pH. $26,200 (2007-2010)

Dr. M. Ellwood: Southern Ocean nutrients and their links to climate change: insights from the isotope and elemental signature of diatoms and sponges. $39,000 (2007-2009) Led by University of Canberra

Dr. J. Hermann: Experimental and natural constraints on trace element and volatile recycling in subduction zones. $300,000 (2007-2009)

Prof. B. Kennett: From crust to core: probing the heterogeneity of the Earth with seismic arrays. $251,000 (2007-2009)

Dr. R. Kerr: Solidification, Channel Formation and Thermal Erosion In Lava Flows. $157,000 (2007-2009)

Prof. K. Lambeck: Sea Level Change in the Australasian Region: Understanding the Past to Predict the Future. $361,000 (2007-2009)

Prof. H. O’Neill: An experimental exploration of silicate melt thermodynamics. $122,000 (2007-2009)

Dr. W. Schellart: Relationship between subduction zone geometry trench kinematics and great subduction earthquakes. $674,465 (2007-2012)

Linkage Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities Grants

Dr. M. Honda: A new Generation Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer Facility for Advanced Research in the Earth, Planetary and Environment Sciences. $800,000 (2007-2008)

Linkage International Grants

Prof. R. Grun: Environmental Evolution of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. $570,184 (2007-2009)

Dr. J. Mavrogenes: Experimental constraints on Platinum-Group Element geochemisty: developing lithogeochemical exploration tools for nickel-sulfides in mafic and ultramafic systems. $180,000 (2007-2009) Led by University of Western Australia

Dr. G. Yaxley: Advancing diamond exploration - novel techniques for the interpretation of indicator minerals. $367,331 (2007-2010)


Commonwealth Government Grants

Geoscience Australia (GA) Grants

Dr. H. Tkalcic: Green’s Functions. $25,000 (2007)

Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Grants

Dr. P. Tregoning: Glacial Isostatic Rebound in East Antarctica. $22,083 (2007-2008)


Other Grants

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (NCRIS) Grants

Prof. B. Kennett: AuScope - A4.70 Imaging Capital & Operations (Prof. B. Kennett)

  1. A4.72 Imaging Geotransects (Prof. B. Kennett)
  2. A4.101 Imaging Terrawulf (Dr. M. Sambridge)
  3. A4.11 Geospatial Gravity (Prof. K. Lambeck)
  4. A4.98 Geospatial SLR (Dr. P. Tregoning)
  5. A4.100 Geospatial Terrawulf (Dr. M. Sambridge)
  6. A4.8 Simulation (Pplates) (Prof. G. Lister)
  7. A4.102 Grid Terrawulf (Dr. M. Sambridge)

$10,200,189 (2007-2011)

Reef and Rainforest Research Centre Grants

Prof. M. McCulloch: MTSRF: RRRC Halting and reversing the decline in water quality. $47,000 (2007-2010)

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