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2007 Publications by Author (Listed alphabetically within research areas)

Earth Chemistry

Allen, C.M., Campbell, I.H., Reiners, P.W., (2007, in press) (U/Pb)-(U-Th)/He Double Dating of Zircons, Provinance and Sediment Recycling Studies, GSA Today.

Barnes, C.G., Frost, C.D., Yoshinobu, A.S., McArthur, K., Barnes, M.A. Allen, C.M., Nordgulen, Ø. & Prestvik, T., (2007) Timing of sedimentation, metamorphism, and plutonism in the Helgeland Nappe Complex, north-central Norwegian Caledonides. Geosphere, v. 3, p. 683-703.

Bauer, C., Rubatto, D., Krenn, K., Proyer, A., Hoinkes, G., (2007) A zircon study from the Rhodope Metamorphic Complex, N-Greece: Time record of a multistage evolution, Lithos, Vol 99, 207-228.

Beltrando, M., Rubatto, D., Lister, G., (2007) Was the Valaisan Basin floored by oceanic crust? Evidence of Permian intra-plate magmatism in the Versoyen Unit (Valaisan Domain, NW Alps), Ofioliti, in press.

Bennett, V.C., Brandon, A. and Nutman, A., (2007) Hadean mantle dynamics from coupled 142-143 neodymium isotopes in early Archean rocks, Science (in press).

Bryan, S.E., Luca Ferrari, Reiners, P.W., Allen, C.M., Chiara M., Petrone, C. M., Ramos-Rosique, A. Campbell, I.H., (2007) New insights into crustal contributions to large volume rhyolite generation at the mid-Tertiary Sierra Madre Occidental Province, Mexico, revealed by U-Pb geochronology, Journal of Petrology, doi: 10.1093/petrology/egm070.

Brocks J.J. and Schaeffer, P., (2007) Okenane, a biomarker for purple sulfur bacteria (Chromatiaceae), and other new carotenoid derivatives from the 1,640 Ma Barney Creek Formation, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Brocks J.J., Grosjean E., Logan G.A., (2007) Assessing biomarker syngeneity using branched alkanes with quaternary carbon (BAQCs) and other plastic contaminants. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, accepted October 2007.

Buick, I.S., Grew, E.S., Yates, M.G., Medenbach, O., Bebout, G.E., Clarke, G.L., (2007) A natural analog of "boron-mullite" in granulite-facies metapelites from Mount Stafford, central Australia. 17th Goldschmidt Conference in Geochemistry, (August 19-24, Cologne, Germany).

Buick, I.S., Hermann, J., Maas, R., Gibson, R.L., (2007) The timing of sub-solidus hydrothermal alteration in the Central Zone, Limpopo Belt (South Africa): constraints from titanite U-Pb geochronology and REE partitioning. Lithos, vol. 98, 97-117.

Buick, I.S., Grew, E.S., Hermann, J., Stevens, G., (2007) Tourmaline, grandidierite-ominelite, werdingite and “boron-mullite” in boron-rich granulite-facies metapelites from Mount Stafford, central Australia. Frontiers in Mineralogy, (25-28 June, Cambridge, UK).

Campbell, I.H., (2007) Testing the plume hypothesis, Chemical Geology, Vol 241, 153-176.

Campbell, I.H., Ballard, J.R., Palin, J.M., Allen, C.M., Faunes, A., (2007) U-Pb zircon geochronology of granitic rocks from the Chuquicamata-El Abra porphyry copper belt of northern Chile, by excimer laser ablation ICP-MS analysis, Economic Geology, Vol 101, 1327-1344.

Caro, G., Bennett, V.C., Bourdon, B., Harrison, T.M., von Quadt, A., Mojzsis, S.J.  and Harris, J.W., (2007) Application of precise 142Nd/144Nd analysis of small samples to inclusions in diamonds (Finsch, South Africa) and Hadean zircons (Jack Hills, Western Australia) Chemical Geology (In Press, available online 11-2007).

Cross A.J. and Crispe A.J., (2007) SHRIMP U-Pb analyses of detrital zircon: a window to understanding the Paleoproterozoic development of the Tanami Region, northern Australia. Mineralium Deposita, Vol 42, Nos 1-2, 27-50.

Ewing, T., Weaver, S., Bradshaw, J., Turnbull, I., Ireland, T.R., (2007) Loch Burn Formation, Fiordland, New Zealand: SHRIMP U-Pb ages, geochemistry and provenance, New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, Vol 50, 167-180.

Fonseca, R.O.C., Mallmann, G., O'Neill, H.St.C., Campbell, I.H., (2007) How Chalcophile is rhenium? An experimental study of the solubility of Re in sulphide mattes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol 260, 537-548.

Forbes, C.J., Betts, P.G., Weinberg, R., I.S. Buick, I.S., (2007) Reply to a comment on: - "A structural metamorphic study of the Broken Hill Block, NSW, Australia" by C.J Forbes, P.G. Betts, R. Weinberg & I.S. Buick, Journal of Metamorphic Geology 2005, 23, 745-770- by B.J.P. Stevens. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, vol. 25, 719-723.

Friend, C.L.R, Nutman, A.P., Bennett, V.C and., Norman, M.D., (2007) Seawater-like trace element signatures (REE+Y) of Eoarchaean chemical sedimentary rocks from southern West Greenland, and their corruption during high grade metamorphism, accepted after revision, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, (in press, available online, 10-2007).

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Gregory, C., Buick, I.S., Rubatto, D., Hermann, J., (2007) Timing of prograde upper amphibolite metamorphism and partial melting during the Petermann Orogeny. Deformation in the Desert (STGST, Geological Society of Australia, 9-13 July, Alice Springs).

Grether, D., Lineweaver, C.H., (2007) The Metallicity of Stars with Close Companions, Astrophysical Journal 669, 1220, astro-ph/0612172

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Hiess, J., Nutman, A.P., Bennett, V.C., Holden, P., (2007) Ti-in-zircon thermometry applied to contrasting Archean metamorphic and igneous systems, Chemical Geology, doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2007.10.012.

Ickert, R., Thorkelson, D., Marshall, D., Ullrich, T., (2007) Eocene Adakitic volcanism in southern British Columbia: Remelting of arc basalt above a slab window, Tectonophysics, doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2007.10.007

Jagoutz, O., Möntener, O., Manatschal, G., Rubatto, D., Péron-Pinvidic, G., Turrin, B.D., Villa, I.M., (2007) The rift-to-drift transition in the southern North Atlantic: A stuttering start of the MORB machine?, Geology, Vol 35, 1087-1090.

Kaczmarek, M.-A., Müntener, O., Rubatto, D., (2007) Trace element chemistry and U-Pb dating of zircons from oceanic gabbros and their relationship with whole rock composition (Lanzo, Italian Alps), Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology, on line, doi 10.1007/s00410-007-0243-3.

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Pidgeon, R.T., Nemchin, A.A., van Bronswijk, W., Geisler, T., Meyer, C., Compston, W., Williams, I.S., (2007) Complex history of a zircon aggregate from lunar breccia 73235. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol 71, 1370-1381.

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Earth Environment

Abram, N.J., Gagan, M.K., Liu, Z., Hantoro, W.S., McCulloch, M.T., Suwargadi, B.W., (2007) Seasonal characteristics of the Indian Ocean Dipole during the Holocene epoch, Nature, Vol 445, 299-302. Paper highlighted in Nature News and Views: Overpeck, J.T., Cole, J.E., (2007) Lessons from a distant monsoon, Nature, Vol 445, 270-271.

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Earth Materials

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