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Honours & Awards
Academic Staff

Post Graduate Students
General Staff
Theses Submited

Honours & Awards

Earth Chemistry

Mrs. J.N. Avila received the Vice-Chancellor’s Higher Degree Research Travel Grant award, The Australian National University, to do collaborative work with researchers from the Laboratory for Space Sciences, Washington University, St. Louis, USA.
Mrs. J.N. Avila received a travel grant award, from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, to participate in the Workshop on the Chronology of Meteorites and the Early Solar System, Hawaii, USA.
Dr I.S. WILLIAMS was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

Earth Environment

Ms S.C Bretherton received the joint 2007 Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Fellowship.
Dr K.E. FITZSIMMONS received the inaugural Director’s Prize for Scientific Communication from RSES.
Dr K.E. FITZSIMMONS received a Student Travel Prize from the Australasian Quaternary Association for attendance at the INQUA Congress
Dr K.E. FITZSIMMONS received a Student Award for contribution to regolith geoscience from the Cooperative Research Centre for Landscape Environments and Mineral Exploration.
Dr M.K. GAGAN was Finalist for the Sherman Eureka Prize for Environmental Research.
Prof. M.T. McCULLOCH was received as a Fellow of the Geological Society of Australia, in December , for outstanding contributions to geological sciences.
Mr I. MOFFAT was appointed an adjunct associate lecturer in the Department of Archaeology, Flinders University.
Prof. B.J. PILLANS was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
Dr P.C. TREBLE, British Council Exchange Award for Young Scientists, travel support to undertake collaborative study with Prof. Ian Fairchild at the University of Birmingham (UK) during October – December 2007.

Earth Materials & Processes

Prof S.F. Cox was the Society of Economic Geologists’ “2007 Distinguished Lecturer”.
Professor D. GREENwas awarded the Gold Medal, “The Geological Society of Japan International Prize”, for research and international collaboration. The medal was presented at the annual meeting of The Geological Society of Japan held in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Professor D. GREEN was elected as Fellow of the Geological Society of Australia.
Mr. I. Kovacs received the Outstanding Young non-Russian Researcher Award 2007 from the Russian Mineralogical Society.
Mr G. MALLMANN received a Vice-Chancellor’s Travel Grant to participate in the 2007 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, USA.
Emeritus Prof I. McDougall was awarded the Jaeger Medal by the Australian Academy of Science.
Emeritus Prof I. McDougall has been appointed Adjunct Professor in the School of Physical Sciences, the University of Queensland.
Prof. H. O’NEILL was awarded the 2007 Robert Wilhelm Bunsen medal of the European Geosciences Union, for Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology.
Prof. H. O’NEILL has been awarded the 2007 N. L. Bowen Award of the American Geophysical Union.
Prof. H. O’NEILL was elected a Fellow of the Geochemical Society.

Earth Physics

Dr F. FONTAINE was awarded young talent 2007 of France’s overseas department. The goal of this award is to provide an example of achievement to young people from France’s overseas department. The idea is to promote young people who have reached an excellent level in a speciality different than music or sport.
Prof B.L.N. KENNETT received the Gutenberg Medal from the European Geosciences Union for his work in seismology.
Prof K. LAMBECK, was an invited participant in the Nobel Laureates Beijing Forum 2007: Energy and Environment, Beijing, China, 10-14 September 2007.
Prof K. LAMBECK received an Honorary Professorship from the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Science.
Prof K. LAMBECK was invited to present the 2007 Joseph Gentilli Memorial Lecture, University of Western Australia.
Prof K. LAMBECK, Science Finalist, in The Bulletin Smart 100, 2007.
Mr. D. ROBINSON was awarded the Robert Hill Memorial Prize.
Dr. SCHELLART received the J. G. Russell award, awarded by the Australian Academy of Science in 2007 as a token of the community’s regard for young Australian researchers in the fields of biology and physical sciences.
Dr P. TREGONING, Fellow of the International Association of Geodesy.


Ms A. ROSENTHAL received a joint Mervyn and Katalin Paterson fellowship 2007 to attend 2008 Goldschmidt Conference, Vancouver and 9th International Kimberlite Conference, Frankfurt and to collaborate with specialists in both deformation, structure and Norwegian regional petrology/geology at Universiteit Utrecht.
Ms A. ROSENTHAL was awarded an ANU Travel Grant to cover the costs of conference registration, accommodation and living expenses at the Goldschmidt Conference 2007 (Cologne, Germany)



Director and Professor

B.L.N Kennett, Ma PhD ScD Cambridge, FRAS, FAA, FRS

Distinguished Professors:

B.L.N Kennett, Ma PhD ScD Cambridge, FRAS, FAA, FRS
K. Lambeck, BSurv NSW, DPhil, DSc Oxford, FAA, FRS


I.H. Campbell, BSc UWA, PhD DIC London
S.F. Cox, BSc Tasmania , PhD Monash
R.W. Griffiths, BSc PhD ANU, FAIP, FAA
R. Grün, Dip Geol, Dr.rer.nat.habil Köln, DSc ANU
T.M. Harrison, BSc British Columbia, PhD ANU, FAA (1 September 2007)
I.N.S. Jackson, BSc Qld, PhD ANU
G. Lister, BSc Qld, BSc (Hons) James Cook, PhD ANU
M.T. McCulloch, MAppSc WAIT, PhD CalTech, FAA
H.St.C. O'Neill, BA Oxford, PhD Manchester
B.J. Pillans, BSc PhD ANU

Senior Fellows

I. Buick, Bsc (Hons), MSc Adelaide, PhD Cambridge
G.F. Davies, MSc Monash, PhD CalTech
S. Eggins, BSc UNSW, PhD Tasmania
C.M. Fanning, BSc Adelaide
M.K. Gagan, BA UC Santa Barbara, PhD James Cook
M. Honda, MSc PhD Tokyo
T.R. Ireland, BSc Otago, PhD ANU
R.C Kerr, BSc Queensland, PhD Cambridge , FAIP
C. Lineweaver, BSc Münich, PhD University of California at Berkeley
M.S. Sambridge, BSc Loughborough, PhD ANU
I.S. Williams, BSc PhD ANU


Y. Amelin, MSc, PhD Leningrad State University (from 29 March 2007)
R. Armstrong, BSc MSc Natal, PhD Witwatersrand
V.C. Bennett, BSc PhD UCLA
J.J. Brocks, Dip Freiburg, PhD Sydney
D.R. Christie, MA Toronto, PhD ANU (to 1 October 2007)
W.J. Dunlap, BA CarlCol, MS PhD Minnesota (to 19 April 2007)
J. Hermann, Dip PhD ETH-Zürich
A.M. Hogg, BSc ANU, PhD UWA (from 3 May 2007)
G. Hughes, BE ME Auckland, PhD Cambridge
J.A. Mavrogenes, BS Beloit, MS Missouri-Rolla, PhD Virginia Poly Tech
M. Norman, BS Colorado, PhD Harvard
R. Rapp, BA State University of New York, PhD Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
A. Reading, BSc Edinburgh, PhD Leeds (to 15 February 2007)
E. Rhodes, BA DPhil Oxford (to 13 August 2007)
D. Rubatto, BSc MSc Turin, PhD ETH-Zürich
H. Tkalcic, Dip University of Zagreb, PhD University of California at Berkeley (from 18 January 2007)
P. Tregoning, BSurv PhD UNSW
G. Yaxley, BSc PhD Tasmania

Research Fellows

L. Ayliffe, BSc (Hons) Flinders, Grad Dip Adelaide, PhD ANU
A.L. Dutton, BA (Mus) Massachusetts, MSc PhD Michigan
M. Ellwood, BSc (Hons) PhD University of Otago
K. Evans, MA PhD Cambridge  (to 1 May 2007)
S. Fallon, BA MS University of San Diego, PhD ANU
J. Kurtz, BSc MSc Louisiana State, PhD Arizona State (to 30 March 2007)
C. McFarlane, BSc Toronto, MSc Calgary, PhD Texas (to 2 August 2007)
C. Sinadinovski, BSc (Hons) MSc University of Zagreb, PhD Flinders University (to 14 September 2007)
P. Treble, BSc Wollongong, BSc PhD ANU

Postdoctoral Fellows:

P. Arroucau, PhD Nantes University  (from 3 September 2007)
M. Aubert, PhD, Université du Québec
A. Barnhoorn, MSc Utrecht, PhD ETH-Zürich 
J.M. Desmarchelier, BSc PhD Tasmania 
K. Fitzsimmons, Bsc (Hons) Grad Dip Melbourne, PhD ANU
F. Fontaine, DEUG (Hons) University of Reunion, MSc PhD University of Montpellier II
M. Forster, BSc MSc PhD Monash
J. Freeman, BSc Curtin, PhD Monash (to 6 October 2007)
A.M. Hogg, BSc ANU, PhD UWA (to 2 May 2007)
J. Huang, BSc Peking, PhD Academy of Sciences China
S. Jupiter, A.B Harvard University, PhD University of California
S. Micklethwaite, BSc PhD Leeds
N. Rawlinson, BSc PhD Monash
S.W. Richards, BSc PhD Newcastle
W.P. Schellart, BSc Amsterdam, PhD Monash
M. Salmon, BSc (Hons) PhD Victoria University of Wellington (from 5 November 2007)
E. Tenthorey, BSc McGill, MSc Florida, PhD Columbia (to 20 June 2007)
J. Tuff, BSc (Hons) Bristrol, PhD Cambridge (to 25 July 2007)
M.H. Wille, Dimp Geosciences Muenster, PhD Bern (from 7 August 2007)

Senior Visitors

J.M.A Chappell, BSc MSc Auckland, PhD ANU, FAAS, FAA
W.Compston, BSc PhD Dsc(Hon) WAust, FAA, FRS*
D.H. Green, BSc MSc DSc, DLitt(Hon) Tasmania, PhD Cambridge, FAA, FRS*
I. McDougall, BSc Tasmania, PhD ANU, FAA*
R. Rutland, BSc, PhD University of London
J.S. Turner MSc Sydney, PhD Cambridge, FIP, FAIP, FAA, FRS*
* Emeritus Professor

Research Officers

J.D. Fitz Gerald, BSc James Cook, PhD Monash
P. Holden, BSc Lancaster, PhD St. Andrews
J. Kurtz, BSc MSc Louisiana State, PhD Arizona State (from 31 March 2007)
H.W.S. McQueen, BSc Queensland, MSc York, PhD ANU

Research Assistants

A. Arcidiaco, BAppSc Grad Dip SAInst
B.J. Armstrong, BSc UNISA
L. Carr, BSc (Hons) BA ANU (to 23 April 2007)
A. Christian, BSc (Hons) University of Canberra (to 14 April 2007)
C. W. Magee, BSc Brown, PhD ANU (to 20 June 2007)
R.W.L Martin, BSc ANU
P. Rickwood, BSc (Hons) UNSW
Y. Shan, BSc MSc Wuhan Cehui Technical University, PhD UNSW
C. Tarlowski, MSc Moscow, PhD Warsaw
J. Zhao, BEng Fuzhou, MEng Ganzhou, DEng Wuhan, PhD ANU
D. Zwartz, BSc (Hons) Victoria University of Wellington, PhD ANU

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A. Abdulah, BE ME Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia
A. Aikman, BSc (Hons) Edinburgh, United Kingdom
J. Avila, MSc Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
S. Barker, BSc (Hons) Otago, New Zealand
M. Beltrando, MSc Turin, Italy
R. Berdin, BSc MSc Philippines
T. Bodin, MSc Louis Pasteur University Strasbourg, France
R. Brodie, BSc QLD
S. Bretherton, BSc (Hons) Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
S.N. Burgess, BSc (Hons) Adelaide, MSc (Hons) Auckland, New Zealand
J. Celerier, BSc (Hons) Melbourne, Australia
M. Coman, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
A. Cross, BAppSc Grad Dip AppSc MAppSc Canberra, Australia
R. Da Fonseca, BSc Lisbon, Portugal
J. Dawson, BSc BS MSc Melbourne, Grad Cert UWS, Australia
A. DeLeon, BSc (Hons) University of Melbourne, Australia
G. Estermann, MSc Vienna, Austria
T. Ewing, BSc (Hons), MSc University of Canterbury, New Zealand
R. Farla, Doctoral Degree Utrecht University, The Netherlands
T. Fujioka, BSc MSc Osaka, Japan
A. Fyfe, Bsc La Trobe University, Hons Australian National University
S. Giger, Vordiplom MSc ETH-Zürich, Switzerland
C. Gregory, BSc Monash, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
J. Hauser, Vordiplom BS MS ETH-Zürich, Switzerland
J. Hiess, BSc (Hons) Canterbury, New Zealand 
S. Hui, BSc Australian National University
R. Ickert, MSc (Hons) Simon Fraser University, Canada
R.C. Joannes-Boyau, MSc University-Bordeaux, France
A. Kallio, MSc Helsinki, Finland 
N. Keller, MSc ETH-Zürich, Switzerland
T. Kelly, BSc University of Tasmania, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
I. Kovacs, MSc Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary
E. Kiseeva, BSc MSc St Petersburg State Mine Institute, Russia
K. Lilly, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
G. Mallman, BA MS Brazil
I. McCulloch, BSc UNSW, Grad Dip Australian National University
S. McKibbin, BSc University of Newcastle, Australia
I. Moffat, BA BSc (Hons) University of Queensland, Australia
M. O'Byrne, BSc (Hons) Grad Dip Australian National University
T. Prastowo, BSc ITS MSc Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia
A. Papuc, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
C. Pirard, BSc MSc University de Liege, Belgium
D. Qu, Petroleum Inst Jianghan, MSc Academy of Sciences, China 
D. Robinson, BSc (Hons) Flinders, Grad Cert UWS, Australia
A. Rosenthal, MSc University in Freiberg, Germany
A. Sadekov, BC MG Moscow State University, Russia
E. Saygin, BSc Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
M. Smith, BSc University of New South Wales, Australia
J. Sutton, MSc BTech University of British Columbia, BSc University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
H. Sparks, BSc British Columbia, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
R. Schinteie, Cert Arts MSc BSc Grad Dip University of Auckland, New Zealand
N. Tailby, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
J. Trotter, BSc MSc Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
D. Valente, BSc (Hons) La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
D. Viete, BSc BE (Hons) Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
G. Webb, BSc (Hons) Adelaide University, Australia
D. Wood, BSc Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

MPhil Candidates

I. Itikarai, BSc UPNG Papua New Guinea
R. Shi, BSc China University of Geosciences
A. Deonath, MSc Indian School of Mines

Honours Students

A. Barker
K. Bermingham
K. Stewart

Master Students

N. Brown
R. Chopping
P. Crosthwaite
P. Ivanov
H. Tassell


Agus Abdulah – Seismic body wave attenuation tomography beneath the Australasian region. Supervisor: Prof Brian Kennett, Advisors: Dr Anja Reading, Dr Nick Rawlinson, Prof Ian Jackson, Dr Malcolm Sambridge
Amos Aikman – Tectonics of he Eastern Tethyan Himalaya. Supervisor: Prof Mark Harrison, Advisors: Dr Joerg Hermann, Prof Gordon Lister, Jean Braun
Shaun Barker – Dynamics of fluid flow and fluid chemistry during crustal shortening. Supervisor: Prof Stephen Cox, Advisor: Dr Stephen Eggins, Prof Gordon Lister, Dr Michael Gagan, Rick Sibson
Marco Beltrando – Evolution of the Western Alps. Supervisor: Prof Gordon Lister, Advisors: Dr William Dunlap, Dr Joerg Hermann, Prof Roberto Compagnoni
Sam Burgess - Coral geochemistry from high latitude environments. Supervisor: Prof Malcolm McCulloch, Advisors: Prof John Chappell, Dr Stephen Eggins, Prof Patrick DeDeckker, Dr Michael Gagan
Julien Celerier – The Structural and Thermal evolution of Kumaun and Garwhal lesser Himalaya, India. Supervisor: Prof Mark Harrison, Advisors: Dr William Dunlap, Jean Braun
Raul Da Fonseca – The high temperature Geochemistry of the highly Siderophile Elements, Pt, Re, Ir, Os & Rh. Supervisor: Prof Ian Campbell, Advisors: Dr Vickie Bennett, Prof Mark Harrison, Prof Hugh O’Neill, Prof Richard Arculus
Jurg Hauser – Multi-arrival wave front tracking and seismic imaging. Supervisor: Dr Malcolm Sambridge, Advisors: Dr Nick Rawlinson, Prof Brian Kennett, Dr Anja Reading
Nicole Keller - An experimental and field study of metal transport in magmatic - hydrothermal systems. Supervisor: Dr John Mavrogenes, Advisors: Andrew Berry, Dr Joerg Hermann, Prof Hugh O’Neill, Prof Richard Arculus
Antti Kallio – Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry of rubidium and cesium. Supervisor: Dr Trevor Ireland, Advisors: Prof William McDonough, Dr Marc Norman, Dr Stephen Eggins
Toshiyuki Fujioka – Development of Cosmogenic Neon exposure dating and its application to Australian Arid land forms. Supervisor: Prof John Chappell, Advisors: Dr Masahiko Honda, Leslie Fifield, Fredrick Fabel, Dr Timothy Barrows
Silvio Giger – Permeability and Strength evolution of quartz fault gouges at Hydrothernal conditions. Supervisor: Prof Stephen Cox, Advisors: Dr Eric Tenthorey, Dr John Fitz Gerald, Prof Gordon Lister
Erdnic Saygin – Receiver based studies in Australia. Supervisor Prof Brian Kennett, Advisors: Dr Anja Reading, Dr Malcolm Sambridge, Dr Nick Rawlinson
David Wood – Structural Geology, Tectonics and Gold Mineralisation of the Southern Anakie Inlier. Supervisor: Prof Gordon Lister, Advisors: Prof Stephen Cox, Dr Margaret Forster, Dr William Dunlap.

Student Scholarships and Fellowships

A.L. Hales Honours Year Scholarship: Katherine Bermingham
Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Fellowship: Sophie Bretherton & Anja Rosenthal
Robert Hill Memorial Prize: David Robinson
A.E. Ringwood Scholarship: Robert Farla
John Conrad Jaeger Scholarship:  Sophie Bretherton & Tanya Ewing

Summer Research Scholarships

Mr B. Dillon, University of Melbourne; Supervisor: Dr Trevor Ireland
Mr. M. Hingee, Australian National University; Supervisor: Dr Nick Rawlinson
Ms. K. James, RMIT University; Supervisor: Dr Michael Ellwood
Ms. A. Komugabe, University of Technology of Sydney; Supervisor: Prof Malcolm McCulloch
Ms. M. Linklater, University of Wollongong; Supervisor: Dr Stephen Eggins
Ms. R. McMillan, The Flinders University of South Australia; Supervisor: Prof Rainer Grün
Ms. R. Norman, Australian National University; Supervisor: Dr Michael Ellwood
Mr. M. Singh, Monash University; Supervisors: Prof Ross Griffiths & Dr Andy Hogg
Ms. J. Stein, University of Otago, New Zealand; Supervisor: Prof Ian Campbell
Ms. I. Stenhouse, Australian National University; Supervisor: Prof Gordon Lister

Student Internships

Ms K. Boljkovac, Australian National University; Supervisor Dr Rainer Grün
Ms R. Bailey, Australian National University; Supervisor Dr John Mavrogenes
Mr G. Nash, Australian National University; Supervisor Prof Rainer Grün
Ms E. Reynolds, Australian National University; Supervisor Dr John Mavrogenes


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Executive Officer

Michael Avent, Grad Cert Mgmnt Grad Dip Admin University of Canberra

Executive Assistant to the Director

Marilee Farrer

Building and Facilities Officer

Eric Ward, Cert V Frontline Management Quest/ANU

Finance Manager

Teresa Heyne, BComm Deakin University

Finance Officers

Lisa Pope, (Grants) BComm (MgmntSci) University of Canberra (to 12 July 2007)
Sheryl Kluver, Assoc Dip Graphic Communications Australian Army (from 6 August 2007)

Human Resources Officer

Jennifer Nott, B. Education University of Canberra (to 12 October 2007)
Nathalie Garrido, Cert III Tourism & Events Management CIT (from 15 October 2007)

Student Officer & Human Resource Assistant

Nathalie Garrido, Cert III Tourism & Events Management CIT (to 15 October 2007)

School Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Kelly, Cert II Business (Office Administration) QUEST Solutions (from 14 November 2007)

Information Technology Manager

Paul Davidson, Bsc MSc University of Auckland, PhD ANU

Information Technology Officer

Duncan Bolt, BSc University of Sydney

Graphics Support Officer

Brad Ferguson, BDesign (Phot) CIT

Receptionist & Finance Assistant

Natalie Fearon

Area Administrators

Earth Chemistry - Robyn Petch
Earth Environment - Susanne Hutchinson, BA La Trobe University
Earth Materials - Kay Provins
Earth Physics - Denise Steele
                       - Danica Fouracre (Prof Kurt Lambeck), BEnv.Des BA Hons UWA
PRISE - Brenda Armstrong, BSc UNISA

School Librarian

Chris Harney, Dip CIT, BA (Communications Information) University of Canberra

Technical Officers

Charlotte Allen, AB Princeton, MSc Oregon, PhD VirginiaTech
Anthony Beasley, Assoc Dip CIT
Nick Best, (from 13 August 2007)
Brent Butler, Cert III Mechanical Engineering Sydney Institute
Joseph Cali, BAppSc QIT
David Cassar
David Clark
Wayne Cook, Cert Geoscience CIT, BSc ANU
Derek Corrigan
Joan Cowley, BSc ANU
Daniel Cummins
Jingming Duan, BE DUT, MSc Murdoch (to 2 March 2007)
John D. Fitz Gerald, BSc James Cook, PhD Monash
John Foster, BSc Sydney, MSc PhD ANU
Daniel J Hunt, Adv Dip Mechanical Engineering (Trainee)
Ben Jenkins, BSc UTS, PhD ANU
Damien Kelleher, Assoc Dip Cartog CIT
Leslie Kinsley, BSc Gra Dip Sc ANU
Harri Kokkonen, BAppSc CCAE
Andrew Latimore
Qi Li (from 4 June 2007)
Graham Mortimer, BSc PhD Adelaide 
Charles Norris, BSc ANU
Shane Paxton
Anthony Percival
Tristan Redman (from 23 July 2007) Trainee
Craig Saint
Hideo Sasaki (from 23 July 2007) Trainee
Scott Savage
Norman Schram, Dip EIE SAIT
Dean Scott
Heather Scott-Gagan, BSc Sydney
Stefan Sirotjuk, Assoc Dip TAFE (to 5 July 2007)
Brendan Taylor (to 20 April 2007)
David Thomson
Carlyle Were
Andrew Welsh, BAppSc CCAE
Andrew Wilson
Geoffrey Woodward
Igor Yatsevich, BEng Tashkent Polytec Inst, PhD Russian Academy of Sciences
Xiaodong Zhang, PhD LaTrobe


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