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Research Activities 2008

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program


Click on the link below to read the 2008 IODP research highlight or Click HERE to download the PDF version 3 pages 284 kb



Australia has joined the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (, which is the world's largest multinational geoscience program and includes almost all OECD countries. IODP carries out deep scientific coring around the world's oceans, and provides 'ground truthing' of global geoscientific theories that are often based largely on remote sensing techniques. New technologies and concepts in geoscience are continuously being developed through IODP. IODP is a long-term program and membership will have important scientific outcomes for us. Australia was a highly successful member of IODP's precursor, the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP). The Research School of Earth Sciences hosts the Australian IODP Office ( along with other National Facilities - AuScope and ANSIR.

Research Project

Submarine plateaus off northeast Australia - Neville Exon