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Research Activities 2008

Visiting Fellows


Click on the links below to read the 2008 Visiting Fellows research highlights or Click HERE to download the PDF version 23 pages 1.79 Mb


Research Projects

The Electronic Geophysical Year 2007-2008 - Charles Barton

Microbialtes of Hamelin Pool and Lake Clifton, Western Australia - Robert Burne

The significance of the Gogo Fauna - Ken Campbell

Stoichiometry and kinetics of jarosite dissolution in acid sulfate soils - Susan Welch

Enhanced detection capability at infrasound stations in the global CTBT verification network - Douglas Christie

Effects of Archaean to early Proterozoic asteroid impact clusters on crustal evolution - Andrew Glikson

Clarification of the Influence of Water on Mantle Wedge Melting - David Green

The ancestral Murray River on the Lacepede Shelf, southern Australia: Late Quaternary migrations of a major river outlet and strandline development - Peter Hill *

The preservation of microbial lipids in saline and acid-saline environments - Claudia Jones

Oxygen isotope values from Permian high latitudes: clues for palaeolatitudinal sea-surface temperature gradients and Late Palaeozoic deglaciation - Peter Jones

Australia-Laurasia convergence, Alice Springs Orogeny and tectonic extrusion of the Thomson Orogen - Chris Klootwijk

The oldest mother - John Long *

Chronological control of Plio-Pleistocene strata in the Omo-Turkana Basin, Ethiopia and Kenya - Ian McDougall

Early geological investigations of the Pleistocene Tamala Limestone, Western Australia - Wolf Mayer

Evolution of the Svecofennian orogenic province - Roye Rutland

Silurian brachiopod faunas, Yass Syncline - taxonomy and biostratigraphy - Desmond Strusz

* These research highlights do not feature in the PDF version