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NEW GRANTS commenced in 2009


Australian Research Council Grants
Other Grants

Australian Research Council Grants

Discovery Project Grants

Dr. P. Tregoning: Tracking the response of terrestrial and ocean waters to climate variations using space gravity observations. $480,000 (2009-2011)

Dr. H. Masahiko: The Cosmogenic 21Ne Exposure Dating Method: Calibration for Application to Volcanic Chronology, Landscape Evolution and Palaeo-Climate Change. $97,500 (2009-2011) Led by University of Melbourne. 

Dr. A. Hogg: Mixing and dissipation in the ocean: Processes for the next generation of climate models. $370,000 (2009-2011)

Dr. N. Rawlinson: Seismic tomography using signal and noise: A new window into deep Earth. $300,000 (2009-2011)

Linkage Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities Grants

Dr. D. McPhail: Groundwater dynamics and surface water interactions in the Lower Murrimbidgee Catchment New South Wales. $180,000 (2009-2011)

Dr. N. Rawlinson: 3D seismic velocity structure for geothermal exploration: a novel approach combining ambient and passive seismic methods. $6,400 (2009-2011) Led by University of Tasmania.

Prof. G. Lister: Crustal Growth in the Northern Tasmanides. $30,000 (2009-2011) Led by James Cook University.

Linkage International Grants

Dr. M. Gagan: A high performance stable-isotope microanalytical facility for environmental Earth science and climate change research. $200,000 (2009)

Dr. S. Eggins: Instrumentation for Innovative Marine Biogeochemistry. $1,016,500 (2009)

Future Fellowship Grants

Dr. G. Yaxley: Redox conditions in the earth's upper mantle and the implications for kimberlite petrigenesis formation and mantle metasomatism. $686,400 (2009-2013)

Other Grants

Australian Synchrotron Company Ltd. Grants

Prof H. O’Neill: The effect of Kin the oxidation state of Cr in silicate mets and of pressure on Ni coordination. $7,780 (2009)

Prof. H. O’Neill: X-ray fluorescence microprobe. $1,415 (2009)

Prof. H. O’Neill: The oxidation state of Fe in melt. $7,451 (2009)

Prof. R. Arculus: Hydrothermal plume and structural geology mapping in the Tonga/Fiji region. $2,540,000 (2009)

Dr. N. Rawlinson: Eastern Australia Linkage (EAL) seismic tomography survey. $150,000 (2009-2011)

Commonwealth Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research Grants

Prof. M. Sambridge: A new approach for imaging the Earth's interior. $22,000 (2009-2012)


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