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Honours & Awards
Academic Staff

Post Graduate Students
Theses Submited
General Staff

Honours & Awards

Professor I.H. Campbell was elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.
Mr A. CHOPRA was awarded a $2700 travel grant from the organising committee to present a poster at the 2009 NASA Astrobiology Graduate Conference in Washington, USA.
Mr A. CHOPRA was awarded a $3000 travel grant from RSES and a $800 grant from local organising committee to participate in the 2009 International Summer School of Astrobiology in Santander, Spain.
Ms T.A. EWING was awarded the Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research prize for Session 18f at Goldschmidt 2009.
Mr R. FARLA has received the Paterson Fellowship award 2009.
Prof R. GRÜN was promoted to Level E2.
Ms Ms E. KISEEVA received an ANU travel grant to attend the Goldschmidt 2009 conference in Davos, Switzerland.
Ms J. MAZERAT received the ANU VC’s travel grant to support fieldtrip.
Ms J. MAZERAT was awarded a Travel/Conference support by ARCNESS to attend the 8th NCCR International Climate Summer School.
Mr J. McDONALD received the Best Student Poster – Hydrogeology Category award at the 10th Australasian Environmental Isotope and 3rd Australasian Hydrogeology Conference, Curtin University, Perth.
Emeritus Professor I. McDOUGALL was conferred with an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science for his significant contributions to the earth sciences over many years at the University of Glasgow’s Commemoration Day ceremony, 17 June 2009.
Dr M.L. RODERICK was awarded the 2009 Australasian Science Prize for research on climate change and water availability.
Ms. A. ROSENTHAL received the 2009 Directors award for Scientific Communication, RSES, ANU, September 2009.
Prof. M. SAMBRIDGE delivered the 2009 Lansdowne Lecture at the Univ. of Victoria, BC, Canada.
Prof. M. SAMBRIDGE was awarded the 2009 Price medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, UK.
Mr R. SCHINTEIE received the Vice Chancellor’s Higher Degree Research Student Travel Grant (contribution to attend international conference).
Dr S. SOSDIAN received a Distinguished Scholars Fulbright Scholarship for a 1 year appointment at Cardiff University.
Dr G.M. YAXLEY was awarded an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship at RSES from 2010.

Visiting Fellows

Richard Barwick An Antarctic photograph “Hand Chablone” entered on behalf of the Palaegroup RSES in the Gobal warming competition was awarded First Prize in ‘ANU Academics section’ of the  ANU Climate Change ‘Capture’ Photographic Competition 2009.
Prof K. LAMBECK was elected as a Foreign Associate to the United States National Academy of Sciences.
Prof K. LAMBECK was awarded an Officer of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.
Prof K. LAMBECK was invited to present the 2009 Clarke Memorial Lecture, Royal Society of New South Wales.
Prof S. R. Taylor was admitted as Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) in a ceremony at Government House, May 4. 


Director and Professor

B.L.N Kennett, MA PhD ScD Cambridge, FAA, FRS

Distinguished Professors:

B.L.N Kennett, MA PhD ScD Cambridge, FAA, FRS


R.J. Arculus BSC PhD Durham, FAIMM
I.H. Campbell, BSc UWA, PhD DIC London
S.F. Cox, BSc Tasmania, PhD Monash
P. DeDekker BA (Geology) MSc (Hons) Macquarie, PhD DSc Adelaide
D.J. Ellis MSc Melbourne, PhD Tasmania
N. Exon, BSc (Hons) NSW, PhD Kiel
R.W. Griffiths, BSc PhD ANU, FAIP, FAA
R. Grün, DiplGeol, Dr.rer.nat.habil Köln, DSc ANU, FAAH
T.R. Ireland, BSc Otago, PhD ANU
I.N.S. Jackson, BSc Qld, PhD ANU
G. Lister, BSc Qld, BSc (Hons) James Cook, PhD ANU
M.T. McCulloch, MAppSc WAIT, PhD CalTech, FAA (to 1 July 2009)
H.St.C. O'Neill, BA Oxf, PhD Manchester, FAA
B.J. Pillans, BSc PhD ANU, HonFRSNZ
M.S. Sambridge, BSc Loughborough, PhD ANU, FRAS

Senior Fellows

V.C. Bennett, BSc PhD UCLA
G.F. Davies, MSc Monash, PhD CalTech
S. Eggins, BSc UNSW, PhD Tasmania
C.M. Fanning, BSc Adelaide
M.K. Gagan, BA UCSantaBarbara, PhD James Cook
M. Honda, MSc PhD Tokyo
R.C Kerr, BSc Qld, PhD Cambridge , FAIP
C. Lineweaver, BSc Munich, PhD Berkeley
J.A. Mavrogenes, BS Beloit, MS Missouri-Rolla, PhD VirginiaPolyTech
D.C. McPhail, BSc. (Hons) MSc British Columbia, PhD. Princeton
M. Norman, BS Colorado , PhD Harvard
I.S. Williams, BSc PhD ANU
G.C. Young BSc (Hons) ANU, PhD London


C. Alibert MS Paris VII, first thesis ENS Paris, State thesis, CRPG, Nancy  (from 17 August 2009)
Y. Amelin, MSc, PhD Leningrad State University
R. Armstrong, BSc MSc Natal, PhD Witwatersrand
J.J. Brocks, Dip Freiburg, PhD Sydney
J. Hermann, Dip PhD ETH Zürich
A.M. Hogg, BSc ANU, PhD UWA
G. Hughes, BE ME Auckland, PhD Cambridge
B.N. Opdyke, AB Columbia, MS PhD Michigan
N. Rawlinson, BSc PhD Monash
M.L. Roderick BAppSc QUT, PGDipGIS Qld, Phd Curtin
D. Rubatto, BSc MSc Turin, PhD ETH
H. Tkalcic, Dip Engineering in Physics, Zagreb, PhD California
P. Tregoning, BSurv PhD UNSW
G. Yaxley, BSc PhD Tasmania

Research Fellows

L. Ayliffe, BSc (Hons) Flinders, Graduate Dipolma (Oenology) Adelaide, PhD ANU
A.L. Dutton, BA (Mus) Massachusetts, MSc PhD Michigan
M. Ellwood, BSc (Hons) Otago, PhD Otago
S. Fallon, BA MS San Diego, PhD ANU
M. Forster, BSc MSc PhD Monash
O. Nebel, Diplom Geololge Dr. rer. nat. Munster, (from 2 March 2009)
J. Trotter, BSc MSc Macquarie, PhD ANU (to 1 July 2009)

Postdoctoral Fellows:

P. Arroucau, PhD Nantes University (to 4 September 2009)
M. Aubert, PhD, Université du Québec, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
M.A Bonnardot, MSc De Savoie, PhD Nice-Sophia Antipolis (to 24 June 2009)
K. Fitzsimmons, Bsc (Hons), Dip Modern Languages Melbourne, PhD ANU
A. Halfpenny, M.E.Sc PhD Liverpool,
F. Jenner, BSc (Hons) Oxf Brookes, PhD ANU (to 1 April 2009)
J. Mallela BSc (Hons) Leeds, MSc Heriot-Watt, PhD Manchester Metropolitan (from 3 February 2009)
L Martin BSc (Hon) MSc Paris XI, PhD Henri Poincare University (from 16 March 2009)
S. Pozgay, BA Boston A.M PhD Washington
M. Salmon, BSc (Hons) PhD, Victoria University of Wellington
E. Saygin BEng-Istanbul Technical University, PhD ANU (from 1 July 2009)
E. Vanacore BS Geological Sciences  Virginia Tech , PhD Rice (from 3 August 2009)
M. Ward, BSc (Hons) Florida, C.A.S Cambridge, PhD Florida State
B. Walther, B.A B.S Texas, PhD Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (to 27 June 2009)
M.H. Wille, Dimp Geosciences, Muenster, PhD Bern
J Zhang (to 1 August 2009)

Senior Visitors

K.S.W. Campbell, MSc PhD Queensland, FAA *
J.M.A Chappell, BSc MSc Auckland, PhD ANU, FAA, HonFRSNZ *
W.Compston, BSc PhD Dsc(Hon) WAust, FAA, FRS*
D.H. Green, BSc MSc DSc, DLitt(Hon) Tas, PhD Camb, FAA, FRS*
K. Lambeck, BSurv NSW, DPhil, DSc Oxf, FAA, FRS*
I. McDougall, BSc Tas, PhD ANU, FAA*
R. Rutland, BSc, PhD London, FTSE*
S.R. Taylor, BSc (Hons) MSc New Zealand, PhD Indiana, MA DSc Oxford, HonAC
J.S. Turner MSc Syd, PhD Camb, FIP, FAIP, FAA, FRS*

* Emeritus Professor

Research Officers

A.G. Christy, BA (Hon) MA PhD Cambridge
J.D. Fitz Gerald, BSc James Cook, PhD Monash
S. Hart BSc (Hons) Melbourne (from 1 June 2009)
P. Holden, BSc Lancaster, PhD St. Andrews
J. Kurtz, BSc MSc Louisiana State, PhD Arizona State
G. Luton, Bachelor of Surveyor UNSW
H.W.S. McQueen, BSc Qld, MSc York, PhD ANU
R. Rapp, BA (Geological Sciences) State University of New York, PhD (Geology) Rensselar Polytechnic Institute
J. Shelley, BSc, MSc (Geology), University of Canterbury NZ
S. Sosdian, B.Sc. Monmouth, Ph.D. (2008) Rutgers (from 1 September 2009)

Research Assistants

A. Arcidiaco, BAppSc GradDip SAInst
B.J. Armstrong, BSc UNISA
R.W.L Martin, BSc ANU (to 4 July 2009)
C. Tarlowski, MSc Moscow, PhD Warsaw (to 1 August 2009)

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PhD Candidates

A. Arad, BSc (Hons) ANU
C. Augenstein, BSc MSc ETH-Zurich
J. Avila, MSc Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
F. Beavis, BA/BSc (Hons), ANU
G. Bell
R. Berdin, BSc MSc Philippines
T. Bodin, MSc Louis Pasteur University
K. Boston, BSc (Hons) ANU
R. Brodie, BSc QLD
J. Brownlow, BSc (App Geology), UNSW
B. Choo, BSc Murdoch Univ
A. Chopra, BSc Univeristy of WA, BSc (Hons) ANU
A. Clement, BSc (Hons) Melbourne University
M. Coman, BSc (Hons) ANU
M. Crawford, BSc (Hons) UQ
A. Cross, BAppSc GDipAppSc MAppSc Canberra
N. Darrenougue, BSc MSc University of Bordeaux
J. Dawson, BSc BS MSc Melbourne, Grad Cert UWS
A. De Leon, BSc (Hons) University of Melbourne
J.P. D’olivo Cordero, MSc UABC Mexico
G. Estermann, MSc Vienna
T. Ewing, BSc (Hons), MSc  University of Canterbury
R. Farla, Doctoraal Degree Utrecht University
B. Frasl, BSc MSc Univeristy of Leoben
C. Gouramanis, BSc (Hons) La Trobe University, BSc ANU
C. Gregory, BSc Monash, BSc (Hons) ANU 
A. Higgins, BSc (Hons) ANU
J. Hoffmann, BA BSc (Hons) Monash University
K. Horner, BSc (Hons) University of British Columbia, MSc Vrije Universteit Netherlands
S. Hui, BSc Australian National University
R. Ickert, MSc (Hons) Simon Fraser University
J. Jasonsmith BSc. (Ecology) - University of Otago; B.App.Sc. (Hons, Environmental Chemistry) - University of Canberra
H. Jeon, MSc Seoul National University
R.C. Joannes-Boyau, MSc University-Bordeaux
J. Jones, Dip Gemmology GAGTL, London, BSc (Hons) Auckland University
J. Kang, BSc MSc Korea University
T. Kelly, BSc University of Tasmania, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
E. Kiseeva, BSc and MSc St Petersburg State Mine Institute
J. Lee, BSc (Hons) ANU
S. Lewis, BSc (Hons) Monash University
H. Li, BSc MSc Peking University
J. Mazerat, BSc MSc Bordeaux University
S. McAlpine, BSc (Hons) ANU
I. McCulloch, BSc UNSW, GradDip ANU
J. McDonald, BSc ANU
S. McKibbin, BSc University of Newcastle
N. Mikkelson, BSc (Hons), ANU BArts, ANU
P. Millsteed, Dip 1 cert in Gemmology ACT Institute of Technology, BSc UC
I. Moffat, BA BSc (Hons) University of Queensland
M. O'Byrne, BSc (Hons) Grad Dip ANU
T. O’Kane, BSc (Hons) ANU
A. Papuc, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
J. Park, BSc MSc Korea University
C. Pirard, BSc, MSc University de Liege
L. Richardson, BSc (Hons) ANU, MSc Queens University Canada
J. Roberts, BSc (Hons) ANU
J. Robertson, DipABRSM (Piano Perf) Royal Schools of Music, BSc (Hons) University of Otago
D. Robinson, BSc (Hons) Flinders, Grad Cert UWS
J. Rogers, B.Sc. (Maths) UK, B.A. (anthropology) ANU, B.Sc (Hons) (geology) ANU
A. Rosenthal, MSc University in Freiberg, Germany
R. Schinteie, Cert Arts MSc BSc GripDip University of Auckland
G. Shirtliff BA BSc (Hons) ANU
N. Sinclair, BA/BSc Deakin University, BSc (Hons) ANU
M. Smith, BAppSc, Grad Dipl, MAppSc, Ballarat University
P. Smythe, BSc University of Wollongong, Hons (Physics) ANU
I. Stenhouse, BSc (Hons) ANU
P. Stenhouse, BSc (Hons) University of Otago NZ
A. Stepanov, BSc MSc Novosibirsk State University
K. Stewart, BSc ANU
J. Sutton, MSc B.Tech University of British Columbia, BSc University of Northern British Columbia
N. Tailby, BSc (Hons) ANU
J. Thorne, BSc (Hons) ANU
S. Tynan, BA/BSc (Hons) ANU
D. Viete, BSc BE (Hons) Monash
L. Wallace, BSc (Hons) Univ Tasmania
L. White, BSc (Hons) University of New South Wales
D. Wilkins, BA/BSc (Hons) ANU
J. Wykes, BSc (Hons) MPhil ANU
S. Yuguru, B. Env Sci (HIIA Honours Monash University, MSc University of Papua New Guinea

MPhil Candidates

L. Bean, BSc Dip. Ed. Sydney Uni, Grad Dipl. ANU
G Bell, BA (Hons), BSc ANU
A. Deonath, MSc Indian School of Mines
K. Dowell, BSc (Hons), ANU
I. Itikarai, BSc UPNG Papua New Guinea
A. Maulanai, BSc (Hons) Hasanuddin Univ, Indonesia
M. Nash, B.Comm UC, BSc ANU
R. Shi, BSc China University of Geosciences
M. Umar, BSc Syiah Kuala University, MSc ITB, Indonesia

Honours Students

Geology Honours

Katherine Adena
Kiralee Beavis
Katarina Boljkovac
Mitchell Bouma (MY)
Anna Bradney (MY)
Anthony David (PT)
Nicholas Dyriw
Brendan Hanger
Kent Inverarity
Kelly James
Jonathon Knight (MY)
Aimee Komugabe
Carina Lee
Rhiannon Mann (PT)
Rebecca Norman (MY)
Ailsa Robertson (MY)
Dominique Tanner
Claire Thompson (MY)

PT part time
MY mid year start

Graduate Diploma Student

Tessa Hatlelid

Masters Students

R. Costelloe
Jingming Duan
A. Fleming
A. Hanna
J. Hill
R. Jack
D. Jaksa
L. Jones
H. Josef
M. Knafl
A. Lewis
M. Maldoni
R. Morris
A. Owen
E. Saygin
S Tatham
G. Torr
L. Wang



Rose Berdin - Coral Records of El Niño and Tropical Western Pacific Climate Through the Holocene Epoch. Supervisor: Dr Michael Gagan. Advisors: Prof Malcolm McCulloch, Dr John Chappell, F.P. Siringan, Atsushi Suzuki.

Andrew Cross - SHRIMP U-Pb Xenotime Geochronology and its Application to Dating Mineralisation, Sediment Deposition and Metamorphism. Supervisor: Dr Ian Williams. Advisors: Prof Brad Pillans, Dr Daniela Rubatto, Tim Harrison, David Huston.

Christos Gouramanis - High Resolution Holocene Palaeoenvironmental and Palaeoclimatic Changes Recorded in Southern Australian Lakes Based on Ostracods and their Chemical Composition.  Supervisor: Patrick De Deckker, Advisors: Dr Peter Jones, John Dodson, Stuart Halse.

John Rogers - Late Quaternary Radiolarians as Proxies for Past Environmental Conditions in the Eastern and Southern Sectors of the Indian Ocean.  Supervisor: Prof. Patrick De Deckker, Advisors: Dr George Chaproniere, Dr Michael Ellwood, Dr Stephen Eggins.

Anja Rosenthal - Exploring the melting behaviour of the Earth's heterogeneous upper mantle. Supervisors: Dr. Gregory M. Yaxley, Prof. David H. Green, Advisers: Dr. Joerg Hermann, Dr. Carl Spandler

Michael Shane Smith - The Geochemistry of Alkaline Salt-Affected Soils.  Supervisor: Dr DC “Bear” McPhail, Advisors: Dr Dirk Kirste, Dr Barry Croke, Dr John Field, Dr John Chappell, Dr Mirko Stauffacher.

Nicholas Tailby - New Experimental Techniques for Studying: (1) Trace Element Substitution in Minerals, and (ii) Determining S-L-V Relationships in Silicate-H2O Systems at High Pressure. Supervisor: Dr John Mavrogenes. Advisors: Dr Joerg Hermann, Prof Hugh O’Neill, Prof Richard Arculus.

Daniel Viete - The Nature and Origin of Regional Metamorphism: Observations from the Barrovian Metamorphic Series of Scotland. Supervisor: Prof Gordon Lister. Advisors: Dr Joerg Hermann, William Dunlap, Justin Freeman, Dr Margaret Forster, Grahame Oliver, Louis Moresi, Simon Richards, Geoffrey Davies.

Daniel Wilkins - Comparative Optically Stimulated Lumnescence (OSL) and AMS Radiocarbon Dating of Holocene Lacustrine and Marine Deposits in Southeast and Southwest Australia.  Supervisor: Prof. Patrick De Deckker, Advisors: John Dodson, Leslie Fifield, Jon Olley.


Adi Maulana - Petrology, Geochemistry and Metamorphic Evolution of the South Sulawesi Basement Complexes, Indonesia.  Supervisors:  Andrew Christy, David Ellis, Advisors:  Prof. Richard Arculus, Dr. Ulrike Troitzsch.

Students awards

A.L. Hales Honours Year Scholarship: Kelly James
Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Travel Fellowship: Sarlae McAlpine
D.A. Brown Travel Scholarship: Kyle Horner
Robert Hill Memorial Prize: Not awarded
A.E. Ringwood Scholarship: Clemens Augenstein
John Conrad Jaeger Scholarship: Jeremy Wykes

Summer Research Scholarships

Mr A. Boskovic (Australian National University, Canberra) under the supervision of Paul Tregoning
Mr J. Hutchinson (Australian National University, Canberra) under the supervision of Rainer Grun
Mr J. Howe (University of Otago, New Zealand) under the supervision of Michael Ellwood
Ms R. Kamitakahara (Flinders University, South Australia) under the supervision of Graham Hughes
Ms N. Maher (Australian National University, Canberra) under the supervision of Andrew Hogg
Ms K. Vincent (University of Waikato, New Zealand) under the supervision of John Mavrogenes

Student Internships

Ms A. Adair of Australian National University; Supervisor Prof Rainer Grun
Mr O. Koudashev of Australian National University; Supervisor Dr Bradley Opdyke
Ms M. Olin of Australian National University; Supervisor Prof Gordon Lister

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School Manager

Michael Avent, Grad Cert Mgmnt, Grad Dip Admin, University of Canberra

Executive Assistant to the Director

Marilee Farrer

Building and Facilities Officer

Eric Ward, Cert V Frontline Management, Quest/ANU

Assistant Building and Facilities Officer

Nigel Craddy

Finance Manager

Teresa Heyne, BComm, Deakin University

Finance Officers

Natalie Fearon (Acting)

Human Resources Officer

Nathalie Garrido, Cert III Tourism & Events Management, CIT

Student Officer

Maree Coldrick

School Administrative Assistant and Student Officer

Rebecca Kelly, Cert II Business (Office Administration), QUEST Solutions

Information Technology Manager

Paul Davidson, BSc, MSc, Auckland, PhD, ANU

Information Technology Officer

Duncan Bolt, BSc Sydney
Brian Harrold, BSc ANU
Hashantha Mendis, BInfTech, Deakin University (from 19 October 2009)

Graphics Support Officer

Brad Ferguson, BDesign(Phot) CIT (to 10 January 2009)

Receptionist & Finance Assistant

Josephine Margo

Area Administrators

Earth Chemistry – Robyn Petch
Earth Environment – Susanne Hutchinson, BA, La Trobe University
Earth Materials & Processes – Kay Provins
Earth Physics – Sheryl Kluver, Assoc Diploma in Graphic Communications, Australian Army
                       Danica Fouarce (Prof Kurt Lambeck), BEnv.Des, BA Hons, University of WA

IODP Administrator

Alena Almassy (to 1 February 2009)
Sarah Howgego (from2 March 2009)

School Librarian

Chris Harney, Dip CIT, BA (Communications Information) University of Canberra

Technical Officers

Charlotte Allen, AB Princeton MSc Oregon , PhD VirginiaTech
Anthony Beasley, AssocDip CIT
Nick Best
Brent Butler, Cert III Mechanical Engineering Sydney Institute
Joseph Cali, BAppSc QIT
David Cassar, Adv. Dip of Engineering (Electronics), CIT
David Clark, Cert III Metal Fabrication, CIT, Adv. Dip Engineering (Mechanical) CIT
Aron Coffey
Derek Corrigan
Joan Cowley, BSc ANU
Daniel Cummins, Adv.Dip of Engineering (Electronics), CIT
John D. Fitz Gerald, BSc James Cook, PhD Monash
John Foster, BSc Sydney, MSc PhD ANU
Daniel J Hunt, Adv Diploma Mechanical Engineering (Trainee) to 21 February 2009)
Ben Jenkins, BSc UTS, PhD ANU
Leslie Kinsley, BSc GradDipSc ANU
Harri Kokkonen, Certificate in Lapidary, ACT TAFE, BAppSc (Geology) Canberra College of Advanced Educations
Richard Krege, MSc Australian Defence Force Academy, BSc Charles Stuart University, BE University of Canberra
Andrew Latimore, Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) and Communications Engineering, University of Canberra
Qi Li
Linda McMorrow, AssocDip Science NTU
Graham Mortimer, BSc PhD Adelaide 
Hayden Miller, Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, CIT
Samuel Mertens, BA (Hons)
Shane Paxton
Anthony Percival
Sisounthon (Tony) Phimphisane
Tristan Redman – Trainee
Eva Reynolds BSc (Hon) ANU (from 5 January 2009)
Hideo Sasaki - Trainee
Scott Savage
Norman Schram, Dip EIE SAIT
Dean Scott, Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, CIT
Heather Scott-Gagan, BSc Sydney
David Thomson
Ulrike Troitzsch Diplom (Technische Universität Darmstadt), PhD ANU
Carlyle Were
Andrew Wilson
Geoffrey Woodward
Igor Yatsevich, BEng Tashkent Polytec Inst, PhD Russian Academy of Sciences
Xiaodong Zhang, PhD LaTrobe

Fitting and Machining Apprentice

Ben Tranter, Cert II in Automotive Radiator Services John Batman Institute of TAFE, Automotive Climate Control / Air conditioning Casey Institute of TAFE


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