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NEW GRANTS commenced in 2010


Australian Research Council Grants
Other Grants

Australian Research Council Grants

Yaxley Gregory Dr, Redox conditions in the earth's upper mantle and the implications for kimberlite petrigenesis formation and mantle metasomatism, $686,400 (2010-2014)

Cox Stephen Prof - Dipple Greg - Urai Janos, Dynamic permeability and the evolution of fluid pathways in fracture-controlled hydrothermal systems, $300,000 (2010-2012)

Brocks Jochen Dr - Butterfield Nicholas J, Molecular fossils the evolution of Earth s early oceans and the origin of the oldest oil, $655,000 (2010-2014)

Gagan Michael Dr - Williams Ian Dr - Schmidt Gavin A - Hantoro Wahyoe - Hellstrom John Charles - Cheng Hai - Edwards Lawrence - Drysdale Russell, Multi-proxy fingerprinting absolute dating and large-scale modelling of Quaternary climate-volcano-environment impacts in southern Australasia, $550,000 (2010-2013)

Iizuka Tsuyoshi Dr, Deciphering the early Solar System chronology and planetary chemistry using isotope systematics of meteoritic zircon, $325,000 (2010-2013)

Fallon Stewart Dr - Dutton Andrea Dr, IODP drilling in the Great Barrier Reef: unlocking the causes rates and consequences of abrupt sea level and climate change (externally led by the University of Sydney), $163,358 (2010-2012)

Griffiths Ross Prof, Sensitivity and Change in the Global Ocean Overturning, $435,000 (2010-2012)

Campbell Ian Dr - O'Neill Hugh Prof, The high temperature geochemistry of the precious metals, $300,000 (2010-2012)

Senden Timothy Prof - Young Gavin Prof - Marshall Charles R - Zhu Min - Long John Albert - Trinajstic Katherine Mary - Burrow Carole Jan, Origin of jaws - the greatest unsolved mystery of early vertebrate evolution, $370,000 (2010-2013)

Amelin Yuri Dr - Metcalfe Ian, Understanding mass extinctions and deep-time climate change: International timescale calibration of the late Permian-Early Triassic of Australia (externally led by University of New England), $113,560 (2010-2012)

Pillans Brad Prof - Barrows Bradley, Understanding global warming using long-term glacier retreat records, $160,000 (2010-2011)

Williams Ian Dr, Global Climate Change CO2 and the Evolution of Life in the Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic (externally led by the University of Western Australia), $55,000 (2010-2012)

McPhail Derry Dr - Norman Marc Prof - Kyser Thomas K - Stirling Claudine H, Biogeochemical drivers of uranium isotope fractionation in regolith and groundwater, $380,000 (2010-2013)

Brocks Jochen Dr - George Simon - Volk H - Nelson P F - Jamie Joanne - Kannangara G S K - Tran Nguyen Hoang - Dennis Gary Ralph - Wilson Michael Amos - Snape I, Time-of-flight mass spectrometer for analysis of complex mixtures in oils ancient rocks recent sediments natural products and atmospheric aerosols (externally led by Macquarie University), $160,000 (2010)

Amelin Yuri Dr - Bennett Victoria Dr - Armstrong Richard Dr - Gagan Michael Dr - Norman Marc Prof - Ireland Trevor Prof - McPhail Derry Dr - Campbell Ian Dr - Kemp Anthony - Chivas A R - Roberts Richard - Murray-Wallace Colin V - Barley Mark - Hoskin Paul, A facility for Sensitive and Precise Isotopic Dating of Earth's and extraterrestrial Rocks, $450,000 (2010-2011)

Honda Masahiko Dr, Frontiers in integrated laser-sampled trace-element and isotopic geoanalysis (externally led by Macquarie University), $700,000 (2010-2011)

Christy Andrew Dr - Kennedy Brendan James - Gu Qinfen - De Marco Roland - McNaughton Donald - Brugger Joel - Stride John - Tobin Mark - Ling Chris David, Facilities for Spectroscopy and Diffraction at High Pressures (externally led by University of Sydney), $180,000 (2010)

Mavrogenes John Prof - Tomkins Andrew, Platinum deposit genesis: A new way of thinking (externally led by Monash University), $100,000 (2010-2013)

Other Grants

Australian Synchrotron Company Ltd. Grants

O'Neill Hugh Prof - Mavrogenes John Prof - Wykes Jeremy Mr, The oxidation state of Se in silicate glasses, $7,565 (2010)

O'Neill Hugh Prof, The oxidation state of Se in silicate glasses (2010)

O'Neill Hugh Prof, The oxidation state of vanadium in geological melts, $8,000 (2010)

Yaxley Gregory Dr, The oxidation state of Fe in mantle garnets: an indicator of diamond stability in the cratonic mantle and a potential new tool in diamond exploration, $1015 (2010)

Yaxley Gregory Dr - Berry Andrew Dr - Jones Jesse Mr, The oxidation state of Fe in mantle garnets: an indicator of diamond stability in the cratonic mantle and a potential new tool in diamond exploration (2010)

Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Water Resources Australian Antarctic Division

Ellwood Michael Dr - Hassler Christel - Maher Bill - Butler Edward - Bowie Andrew, Southern Ocean nutrients and their links to climate change, $28,050 (2010-2011)

Commonwealth Department of Climate Change

Tregoning Paul Dr, GRACE Analysis, $475,652 (2010-2013)

Geoscience Australia

Salmon Michelle Dr - Sambridge Malcolm Prof - Allen Trevor, Validation of event source parameters and ground-making records from Flinders Rangers temporary seismic deployment, $20,000 (2010)

Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

Cummins Phillip Dr, Earthquake Hazard Assessment in Indonesia, $1,656,062 (2010-2013)


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