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2010 Publications by Author (Listed alphabetically within research areas)

Earth Chemistry

Acosta-Vigil, A., Buick, I.S., Hermann, J., Cesare, B., Rubatto, D., London, D. and Morgan, G.B.V., (2010) Mechanisms of Crustal Anatexis: a Geochemical Study of Partially Melted Metapelitic Enclaves and Host Dacite, SE Spain. Journal of Petrology, 51: 785-821.

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Compagnoni, R., Ferrando, S., Lombardo, B., Radulesco, N. and Rubatto, D., (2010) Paleo-European crust of the Italian Western Alps: Geological history of the Argentera Massif and comparison with Mont Blanc-Aiguilles Rouges and Maures-Tanneron Massifs. Journal of the Virtual Explorer, 36: Paper 3, Web publication only.

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Jones, E.G., & Lineweaver, C.H., (2010) “To What Extent Does Terrestrial Life Follow the Water?”, Astrobiology, 10, 3, 349-361

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Nutman, A., Friend, C., Bennett, V., Wright, D., Norman, M., (2010) ≥3700Ma pre-metamorphic dolomite formed by microbial mediation in the Isua supracrustal belt (W. Greenland): Simple evidence for early life? Precambrian Research 183, 725–737.

O’Connor, S., Ulm, S., Fallon, S.J., Barham, A., Loch, I., (2010) Pre-bomb Marine Reservoir Variability in the Kimberley Region, Western Australia, Radiocarbon, Vol. 52, Nr 2-3, p 1158-1165.

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Earth Environment

Ayliffe, L.K. (2010). How to sample the carbon isotopes of tropical ecosystems without leaving your armchair. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107: 15664-15665.

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Earth Materials & Processes

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