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Honours & Awards
Academic Staff

Post Graduate Students
Theses Submited
General Staff

Honours & Awards

Mr. A. CHOPRA was awarded the 2nd prize for a poster presented at the ANU 2010 ResearchFest ($350).
Mr A. CHOPRA was awarded a $3600 grant from the organising committee and RSES to present an invited talk at the 2010 Astrobiology Graduate Conference in Tällberg, Sweden.
Mr A. CHOPRA was awarded an $800 grant from the NASA Astrobiology Institute and a $1500 grant from the ANU Vice-Chancellor's HDR travel grant to present a talk and poster at the 2010 Astrobiology Science Conference in Texas, USA.
Mr A. CHOPRA was awarded a $2000 grant from the organising committee to present a poster at the 2010 Gordon Research Conference and Seminars on the Origin of Life in Galveston, USA.
Ms B. FRASL received financial support for students from the Geological Society of Australia to attend the AESC 2010.
Dr C.H. LINEWEAVER was given a "Top PhD Supervisor Award" by Prof M. Thomas (ANU), November 10, 2010.
Dr C.H. LINEWEAVER was chosen as one of ANU's top lecturers to give one of a dozen lectures at "ANU for a Day" organized by L. Cram at the Hyatt Hotel, Canberra, Lecture title: "Our Place in the Universe" July 25, 2010.
Mr S. McKIBBIN was awarded 2nd prize in the Australian Space Science Conference Student Poster Session.
Dr D. RUBATTO was awarded a 2011 Queen Elisabeth II Fellowship from the Australian Research Council.
Dr D. RUBATTO was supported by the Herbette Foundation, Lausanne, for a sabbatical visit at the University of Lausanne.
Mr R. SCHINTEIE received the Graduate Short Course Award in Scientific Communication.
Dr I.S. WILLIAMS was nominated for the 2010 ANU Top Supervisor Award.
Dr I.S. WILLIAMS, Australian Scientific Instruments Pty. Ltd., at which Dr I.S. Williams is Chief Scientist, won the 2010 Chief Minister's Award for ACT Exporter of the Year.
Mr. N. DARRENOUGUE was awarded one of the two 2011 Australian-French Association for Science & Technology (AFAS, ACT) fellowships in order to undertake two fieldtrips in New Caledonia this coming year.
Ms J. MAZERAT was awarded a travel/conference support by IMAGES to attend the 10th International conference on paleoceanography, San Diego, USA.
Prof. A.P. ROBERTS, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Senior Invited Fellow.
Prof. A.P. ROBERTS, Exceptional Reviewer Award, Geology.
Prof R.J. ARCULUS was elected as a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.
Mr C. AUGENSTEIN got awarded the VC travel grant ($1500) and the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) travel allowance ($3000) for a cross institutional visit at the Department of Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Prof S. COX received the Bruce Hobbs Medal from the Geological Society of Australia's Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology.
Dr J.D. FITZ GERALD was awarded a John Sanders medal in July by the Australian Society for Microscopy and Microanalysis, and a Vice Chancellor's Career Achievement Award at the 2010 ANU Staff Awards ceremony.
Mr K.N. HORNER was awarded the 2009 D.A. Brown Travel Scholarship, which funded his attendance at the 2010 International Association of Hydrogeologists Annual Congress in Krakow, Poland, 12-17 September.
Mr K.N. HORNER was awarded an ANU Vice-Chancellor's HDR Travel Grant for Cross-Institutional study in the Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA from 27 September to 17 December.
Ms K. KISEEVA received an ANU travel grant for attending the IMA conference, in Budapest, Hungary, 2010.
Prof G. LISTER has been successful in being awarded an ARC LIEF grant LE110100047. Events through time: eruptions, extinctions, impacts, orebodies and orogenies. Upgrading the national argon geochronology network. (key personnel LISTER, G., Jourdan, F., Forster, M. and McInnes, B.).
Prof G. LISTER was awarded an AINSE grant for use of the UWS SIMS facility by PhD candidate Ms I. Stenhouse.
Ms I. STENHOUSE, PhD Candidate, won AMMRF TAP grant and Vice-chancellor HDR travel grant.
Miss D. TANNER was awarded a Graduate Student Fellowship from the Society of Economic Geologist's Foundation.
Dr G.M. YAXLEY commenced an ARC Future Fellowship in the Earth Materials and Processes Research Area from January 2010.
Dr G.M. YAXLEY received a "Top Supervisor Award 2010" from ANU.
Mr. R. BRODIE - Ph.D. student - was awarded the inaugural ASEG prize for best student paper in the journal Exploration geophysics for his paper entitled, "Holistic inversion of frequency-domain airborne electromagnetic data with minimal prior information" with Prof. M. SAMBRIDGE.
Prof P. CUMMINS was awarded the Stillwell Award by the Geological Society of Australia for the best paper of the year in the Australian Journal of Earth Science in 2008.
Mr T. BODIN received the AGU 2009 Fall meeting Outstanding Student Paper Award. The paper was: "Seismic Tomography with The Reversible Jump Algorithm" - Bodin. T. and Sambridge, M. (2009) AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco.
Prof. P. CUMMINS was awarded the Stillwell Award by the Geological Society of Australia for the best paper of the year in the Australian Journal of Earth Science in 2008.
Dr. G.F. DAVIES was honoured upon his retirement with a special session at the American Geophysical Union Fall Annual Meeting, at San Francisco in December, entitled Dynamic Earth: Plates, Plumes and Mantle Convection.
Prof R.W. GRIFFITHS presented a Plenary Lecture at the American Physical Society - Division of Fluid Dynamics conference at Longbeach, California in November.
Prof R.W. GRIFFITHS was elected an inaugural Fellow of the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society.
Prof B.L.N. KENNETT will receive the Flinders Medal, the highest award in the Physical Sciences, from the Australian Academy of Science in May 2011 and deliver the associated Finders Lecture.
Prof. M. SAMBRIDGE was elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.
Dr H Tkalčić was awarded JSPS Fellowship from Japanese Government for a collaborative work with his Japanese colleagues, and to tour Japan and give lectures on his research in 2011.

Visiting Fellows

Dr K. A. W. CROOK was accorded Honorary Life Membership of the Australian Marine Sciences Association in July 2010.

Stuart Ross Taylor, Emeritus Professor The winner of the 2010 of the Mary B. Ansari Best Reference Work award of the Geoscience Information Society was "Planetary Crusts: Their Composition, Origin and Evolution" by S. Ross Taylor and Scott McLennan, published by Cambridge University Press. This work received high scores for its uniqueness in subject coverage, the quality of the work, and the authoritativeness of the authors. Scott McLennan, currently Professor at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA, was a former student and staff member of RSES The award was presented at the Geological Society of America Conference in October in Denver, Colorado.


Director and Professor

B.L.N Kennett, MA PhD ScD Cambridge, FAA, FRS (to 31 January 2010)
A.P Roberts, BSc Massey, BSc (Hon) PhD, DS Victoria University (from 1 February 2010)

Distinguished Professors:

B.L.N Kennett, MA PhD ScD Cambridge, FAA, FRS


R.J. Arculus BSC PhD Durham, FAIMM
I.H. Campbell, BSc UWA, PhD DIC London
S.F. Cox, BSc Tasmania, PhD Monash
P. DeDekker BA (Geology) MSc (Hons) Macquarie, PhD DSc Adelaide
D.J. Ellis MSc Melbourne, PhD Tasmania
N. Exon, BSc (Hons) NSW, PhD Kiel
R.W. Griffiths, BSc PhD ANU, FAIP, FAA
R. Grün, DiplGeol, Dr.rer.nat.habil Köln, DSc ANU, FAAH
T.R. Ireland, BSc Otago, PhD ANU
I.N.S. Jackson, BSc Qld, PhD ANU
G. Lister, BSc Qld, BSc (Hons) James Cook, PhD ANU
H.St.C. O'Neill, BA Oxf, PhD Manchester, FAA
B.J. Pillans, BSc PhD ANU, HonFRSNZ
M.S.Sambridge, BSc Loughborough, PhD ANU, FRAS

Senior Fellows

V.C. Bennett, BSc PhD UCLA
G.F. Davies, MSc Monash, PhD CalTech (to 5 August 2010)
S. Eggins, BSc UNSW, PhD Tasmania
C.M. Fanning, BSc Adelaide
M.K. Gagan, BA UCSantaBarbara, PhD James Cook
J. Hermann, Dip PhD ETH Zürich
M. Honda, MSc PhD Tokyo
R.C Kerr, BSc Qld, PhD Cambridge , FAIP
C. Lineweaver, BSc Munich, PhD Berkeley
J.A. Mavrogenes, BS Beloit, MS Missouri-Rolla, PhD VirginiaPolyTech
D.C. McPhail, BSc. (Hons) MSc British Columbia, PhD. Princeton
M. Norman, BSc - Tennessee Technological University, MSc Tennessee, PhD Rice
M Roderick, BAppSc QUT, PGDipGIS Qld, PhD Curtin
D. Rubatto, BSc MSc Turin, PhD ETH
P. Tregoning, BSurv PhD UNSW
I.S. Williams, BSc PhD ANU
G.C. Young BSc (Hons) ANU, PhD London (to 30 June 2010)


C. Alibert MS Paris VII, first thesis ENS Paris, State thesis, CRPG, Nancy
Y. Amelin, MSc, PhD Leningrad State University
R. Armstrong, BSc MSc Natal, PhD Witwatersrand
J.J. Brocks, Dip Freiburg, PhD Sydney
M. Ellwood, BSc (Hons) PhD Otago
A.M. Hogg, BSc ANU, PhD UWA
G. Hughes, BE ME Auckland, PhD Cambridge
S McClusky BSurv, PhD NSW (from 8 July 2010)
B.N. Opdyke, AB Columbia, MS PhD Michigan
N. Rawlinson, BSc PhD Monash
M.L. Roderick BAppSc QUT, PGDipGIS Qld, Phd Curtin
H. Tkalcic, Dip Engineering in Physics, Zagreb, PhD California
G. Yaxley, BSc PhD Tasmania (ARC Future Fellow)

Research Fellows

L. Ayliffe, BSc (Hons) Flinders, Graduate Dipolma (Oenology) Adelaide, PhD ANU
A.L. Dutton, BA (Mus) Massachusetts, MSc PhD Michigan (to 25 December 2010)
S. Fallon, BA MS San Diego, PhD ANU
M. Forster, BSc MSc PhD Monash
G.Iaffaldano, BSc (Physics) Rome, PhD Munich (from 1 February 2010)
O. Nebel, Diplom Geololge Dr. rer. nat. Munster
E-K Potter, BSc Wollongong, BSc (Hon) PhD ANU
A Purcell, BSc (Hons) PhD ANU (from 6 April 2010)

Postdoctoral Fellows:

M. Aubert, PhD, Universitè du Quèbec, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (to 1 January 2010)
K. Fitzsimmons, BSc (Hons), Dip Modern Languages Melbourne, PhD ANU (to 27 February 2010)
A. Halfpenny, M.E.Sc PhD Liverpool
T. Iizuka, BSc (Geology), MSc (Geology), PhD, Tokyo Institute of Technology (from 1 February 2010)
J. Mallela BSc (Hons) Leeds, MSc Heriot-Watt, PhD Manchester Metropolitan
L Martin BSc (Hon) MSc Paris XI, PhD Henri Poincare University
S. Pozgay, BA Boston A.M PhD Washington
M. Salmon, BSc (Hons) PhD, Victoria University of Wellington
E. Saygin BEng-Istanbul Technical University, PhD ANU
E. Vanacore BS Geological Sciences Virginia Tech , PhD Rice
M. Ward, BSc (Hons) Florida, C.A.S Cambridge, PhD Florida State
M.H. Wille, Dimp Geosciences, Muenster, PhD Bern (to 8 August 2010)

Senior Visitors

K.S.W. Campbell, MSc PhD Queensland, FAA*
J.M.A Chappell, BSc MSc Auckland, PhD ANU, FAA, HonFRSNZ*
W.Compston, BSc PhD Dsc(Hon) WAust, FAA, FRS*
D.H. Green, BSc MSc DSc, DLitt(Hon) Tas, PhD Camb, FAA, FRS*
K. Lambeck, BSurv NSW, DPhil, DSc Oxf, FAA, FRS*
I. McDougall, BSc Tas, PhD ANU, FAA*
R. Rutland, BSc, PhD London, FTSE*
S.R. Taylor, BSc (Hons) MSc New Zealand, PhD Indiana, MA DSc Oxford, HonAC
J.S. Turner MSc Syd, PhD Camb, FIP, FAIP, FAA, FRS*

* Emeritus Professor

Research Officers

S Bonnefoy, B.Sc. (Hons) (University Paris-IX), DiplMaths DEA University Paris Sud
A.G. Christy, BA(Hon) MA PhD Cambridge (to 1 June 2010)
J.D. Fitz Gerald, BSc James Cook, PhD Monash
S. Hart BSc (Hons) Melbourne
P. Holden, BSc Lancaster, PhD St. Andrews
J. Kurtz, BSc MSc Louisiana State, PhD Arizona State (to 24 September 2010)
G. Luton, Bachelor of Surveyor UNSW
H.W.S. McQueen, BSc Qld, MSc York, PhD ANU
R. Rapp, BA (Geological Sciences) State University of New York, PhD (Geology) Rensselar Polytechnic Institute
J.Shelley, BSc, MSc (Geology), University of Canterbury NZ
S Sosdian, B.Sc.Monmouth, Ph.D. (2008) Rutgers

Research Assistants

A. Arcidiaco, BAppSc GradDip SAInst
B.J. Armstrong, BSc UNISA
S. Hart BSc (Hons) Melbourne

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PhD Candidates

A. Arad, BSc (Hons) ANU
C. Augenstein, BSc MSc ETH-Zurich
J. Avila, MSc Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
F. Beavis, BA/BSc (Hons), ANU
G. Bell - (Withdrawn July)
T. Bodin, MSc Louis Pasteur University
K. Boston, BSc (Hons) ANU
L. Brentegani, BSc (Biological) Bologna, MSc Ancona
J. Brownlow, BSc (App Geology), UNSW
C. Chapman, BSc(Adv), BE(Hons), Syd, Grad Dipl BMTC
A. Chopra, BSc Univeristy of WA, BSc (Hons) ANU
A. Clement, BSc (Hons) Melbourne University
M. Crawford, BSc (Hons) UQ
N. Darrenougue, BSc MSc University of Bordeaux
A. De Leon, BSc (Hons) University of Melbourne
J.P. D'Olivo Cordero, MSc UABC Mexico
T. Ewing, BSc (Hons), MSc University of Canterbury
R. Farla, Doctoraal Degree Utrecht University
B. Frasl, BSc MSc Univeristy of Leoben
E.Gowan, BSc(Geophysics)(Hons)- Uni Manitoba, MSc Vict Uni, Canada
B. Hanger, BEng (Chem)(Hons), BSc - Monash. (Hons) -ANU
A. Higgins, BSc (Hons) ANU
J. Hoffmann, BA BSc (Hons) Monash University
K. Horner, BSc (Hons) University of British Columbia, MSc Vrije Universteit Netherlands
S. Hui, BSc Australian National University
M. Huyskens, BSc, MSc, Westfallische Wilhelms-Universitàt Münster
K. James, BSc (Adv) (Hons) - ANU
A. Jarrett, BSc Hons - ANU
H. Jeon, MSc Seoul National University
J. Jones, Dip Gemmology GAGTL, London, BSc (Hons) Auckland University
B. Kallenberg, BSc & MSc - Freie Uni, Berlin
J. Kang, BSc MSc Korea University
T. Kelly, BSc University of Tasmania, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
E. Kiseeva, BSc and MSc St Petersburg State Mine Institute
A. Komugabe, BBiotech/BBus - UTS, Hons - ANU
J. Lee, BSc (Hons) ANU
S. Lewis, BSc (Hons) Monash University
H. Li, BSc MSc Peking University
J. Mazerat, BSc MSc Bordeaux University
S. McAlpine, BSc (Hons) ANU
A. McCoy-West, BSc, MSc (Hons) BCA Victoria Univ Wellington
I. McCulloch, BSc UNSW, GradDip ANU
J. McDonald, BSc ANU
S. McKibbin, BSc University of Newcastle
N. Mikkelson, BSc (Hons), ANU BArts, ANU
P. Millsteed, Dip 1 cert in Gemmology ACT Institute of Technology, BSc UC
I. Moffat, BA BSc (Hons) University of Queensland
G. Nash BA/BSc (Hons), ANU
M. O'Byrne, BSc (Hons) Grad Dip ANU
T. O'Kane, BSc (Hons) ANU
R. Owens, BSc (Hons)- ANU
A. Papuc, BSc (Hons) Australian National University
J. Park, BSc MSc Korea University
S. Pilia, B Exploration & App Geophysics - Cagliari & MSc (Expl & Geoph)- Pisa
C. Pirard, BSc, MSc University de Liege
L. Richardson, BSc (Hons) ANU, MSc Queens University Canada
J. Roberts, BSc (Hons) ANU
J. Robertson, DipABRSM (Piano Perf) Royal Schools of Music, BSc (Hons) University of Otago
R. Schinteie, Cert Arts MSc BSc GripDip University of Auckland
N. Scroxton, M.Earth Sc - Oxford, UK
N. Sinclair, BA/BSc Deakin University, BSc (Hons) ANU
I. Stenhouse, BSc (Hons) ANU
P. Stenhouse, BSc (Hons) University of Otago NZ
A. Stepanov, BSc MSc Novosibirsk State University
K. Stewart, BSc ANU
J. Sutton, MSc B.Tech University of British Columbia, BSc University of Northern British Columbia
D. Tanner, BSc Hons-ANU
C. Thompson, BSc(REM), Hons (Geology) - ANU
J. Thorne, BSc (Hons) ANU
S. Tynan, BA/BSc (Hons) ANU
L. White, BSc (Hons) University of New South Wales
J. Wykes, BSc (Hons) MPhil ANU
Y. Xue, BSc - China Uni, MSc - Peking Uni
M. Young, BA Physics, Hendrix College
S. Yuguru, B. Env Sci (HIIA Honours Monash University, MSc University of Papua New Guinea
I. Zhukova - B. Geology & M. Geology - Novosibirsk, Russia

MPhil Candidates

M. Nash, B.Comm UC, BSc ANU

Honours Students

Geology Honours

Jason Bennett (MY)
Mitchell Bouma (MY)
Anna Bradney (MY)
Nicholas Claydon
Timothy Curran
Anthony David (PT)
Matthew Jason Doull
Rebecca Garner
Leigh Gibson, (MY)
Lisa Howat (MY)
Paige Kennedy
Jonathon Knight
Peter Le Roux
Alex Lukomskyj
Rebecca Norman
Nicola Power
Matthew Valetich (MY)
Tarun Whan
Carl Zimmermann

Honours Physics of the Earth

Nicola Maher
Mark Llewellyn Pittard

PT - part time
MY - mid year start

Masters Students

Master of Natural Hazards (7512)

Tim Anderson
Christina Griffin
Neni Marlina
Robbie Morris

Masters Physics of the Earth (7903)

Ross Costelloe
Ashraf Hanna
Matthew Knafl
Daniel Jaksa
Marco Maldoni
Md. Sakawat Hossain
Jackson Tan,Boon Sze
Yang Li

Masters (other)

Marija Dojchinov
Jingming Duan
Russell Jack
Erdinc Saygin
Liam Sturgess
Steve Tatham



Rose Berdin - Coral Records of El Niño and Tropical Western Pacific Climate Through the Holocene Epoch. Supervisor: Dr Michael Gagan. Advisors: Prof M McCulloch, Dr J Chappell, F.P. Siringan, Atsushi Suzuki.

Ross Brodie - Holistic Inversion of Airborne Electromagnetic Data. Supervisor: Prof Malcolm Sambridge. Advisors: Dr N Rawlinson, Prof. B Kennett, Dr B Drummond.

Brian Choo - Revision and Description of the Actinopterygian Fishes of Devonian Eastern Gondwana. Supervisor: Dr Gavin Young. Advisors: Dr B Opdyke, Dr J Long.

Andrew Cross -SHRIMP U-Pb Xenotime Geochronology and its Application to Dating Mineralisation, Sediment Deposition and Metamorphism. Supervisor: Dr Ian Williams. Advisors: Prof B Pillans, Dr D Rubatto, Tim Harrison, David Huston.

Ryan Ickert - U-Pb, Lu-Hf, and O Isotope Systematics of Zircon from Southeastern Australian Siluro-Devonian Granites. Supervisor: Prof. Ian Williams, Advisors: Dr B. Chappell, Dr V. Bennett, Dr S Eggins.

Julia Jasonsmith - Origins of Salinity and Salinisation Processes in the Wybong Creek Catchment, New South Wales, Australia. Supervisor: Derry McPhail, Dr Ben McDonald. Advisors: Dr S Beavis, Dr I Roach, Dr R Creswell.

Renaud Joannes-Boyau - Direct Dating of Human Remains. Supervisor: Dr Rainer Grun. Advisors: Prof I. Jackson, Dr S. Eggins.

David Robinson - Studies on Earthquake Location and Source Determination Using Coda Waves. Supervisor: Prof. Malcolm Sambridge. Advisors: Dr N Rawlinson, Dr P Cummins, Prof B Kennett.

Gregory Shirtliff - The Waste and Low Grade Ore Stockpiles of Ranger Uranium Mine: A System Approach. Supervisor: Prof. Tony Eggleton.

Heather Sparks - Sulfide Melting at Broken Hill, Australia: Geochemical and Experimental Investigations. Supervisor: Dr John Mavrogenes. Advisors: Dr J Hermann, Dr A Berry, Dr C McFarlane.

Nicholas Tailby - New Experimental Techniques for Studying: (1) Trace Element Substitution in Minerals, and (ii) Determining S-L-V Relationships in Silicate-H2O Systems at High Pressure. Supervisor: Dr John Mavrogenes. Advisors: Dr J Hermann, Prof H O'Neill, Prof R Arculus.

Luke Wallace - Biogeochemistry of Acid Sulphate Soils. Supervisors: Dr Derry McPhail, Dr R Fitzpatrick. Advisors: Dr S Welch, Dr D Kirste, Dr S Beavis, S Rogers, S Lamontagne.


Muksin- Understanding the Seismic Structure Beneath Sumatera and its Surrounding Regions. Supervisor: Prof. Brian Kennett. Advisors: Dr Michelle Salmon, Dr Nicholas Rawlinson, Dr Sara Pozgay, Prof. Ian Jackson.

Students awards

A.L. Hales Honours Year Scholarship: Nicola Maher.
Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Travel Fellowship: Alice Clement (to be taken up in 2011).
D.A. Brown Travel Scholarship: Magdalena Huyskens (to be taken up in 2011).
Robert Hill Memorial Prize: Not awarded.
A.E. Ringwood Scholarship: Yunxing Xue.
John Conrad Jaeger Scholarship: Alexander McCoy-West.

Summer Research Scholarships

Mr Neil Berry (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) under the supervision of Stewart Fallon
Mr Nathan Coleman (Australian National University, Canberra) under the supervision of Steve Eggins
Ms Bianca Das (Lincoln University, New Zealand) under the supervision of Bradley Opdyke
Ms Lyndsay Dean (Australian National University, Canberra) under the supervision of Patrick De Deckker
Ms Michaela Flanigan (Australian National University, Canberra) under the supervision of John Mavogenes
Ms Eleanor Peterson Australian National University, Canberra) under the supervision of Oliver Nebel
Ms Aimee Robinson (Lincoln University, New Zealand) under the supervision of Michael Ellwood
Mr Michael Short (Flinders University, South Australia) under the supervision of Bear McPhail

National Alliance SRS

Ms Kym Rogers (Charles Darwin University, Darwin) under the supervision of Stewart Fallon.

Student Internships

Ms Penelope Baker of Australian National University; Supervisor: Dr Andrew Hogg and Dr Graham Hughes
Ms Clare Connolly of Australian National University; Supervisor: Dr Greg Yaxley
Ms Bronwyn Dixon of Australian National University; Supervisor: Dr Michael Gagan
Ms Anna Haiblen of Australian National University; Supervisor: Dr John Mavrogenes
Ms Micaela Hartley of Australian National University; Supervisor: Prof. Malcolm Sambridge
Mr Ryan Holmes of Australian National University; Supervisor: Prof Ross Griffiths
Ms Sharmila Sane of Australian National University; Supervisor: Dr Andrew Hogg
Mr Yan Zhao of Australian National University; Supervisor: Prof Gordon Lister

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School Manager

Michael Avent, Grad Cert Mgmnt, Grad Dip Admin, University of Canberra

Executive Assistant to the Director

Marilee Farrer

Building and Facilities Officer

Eric Ward, Cert V Frontline Management, Quest/ANU

Assistant Building and Facilities Officer

Nigel Craddy

Student Officer

Maree Coldrick

School Student Assistant

Joy McDermid (from 18 November 2010)

Information Technology Manager

Paul Davidson, BSc, MSc, Auckland, PhD, ANU

Information Technology Officer

Duncan Bolt, BSc Sydney
Brian Harrold, BSc ANU
Hashantha Mendis, BInfTech (Multimedia) Deakin University


Josephine Margo (to 1 September 2010)
Shannon Avalos (from 2 September 2010)

Area Administrators

Earth Chemistry
Robyn Petch (to 10 January 2009)
Josephine Margo (from 18 October 2010)

Earth Environment
Susanne Hutchinson, BA, La Trobe University (to 15 January 2010)
Robyn Petch (from 18 October 2010)

Earth Materials
Kay Provins

Earth Physics
Sheryl Kluver, Assoc Diploma in Graphic Communications, Australian Army
Danica Fouarce (Prof Kurt Lambeck), BEnv.Des, BA Hons, University of WA (to 10 July 2010)

IODP Administrator

Sarah Howgego

School Librarian

Chris Harney, Dip CIT, BA (Communications Information) University of Canberra

Technical Officers

Charlotte Allen, AB Princeton MSc Oregon , PhD VirginiaTech
Anthony Beasley, AssocDip CIT
Brent Butler, Cert III Mechanical Engineering Sydney Institute
Joseph Cali, BAppSc QIT
David Cassar, Adv. Dip of Engineering (Electronics), CIT
David Clark, Cert III Metal Fabrication, CIT, Adv. Dip Engineering (Mechanical) CIT
Aron Coffey (to 22 November 2010)
Derek Corrigan
Joan Cowley, BSc ANU
Daniel Cummins, Adv.Dip of Engineering (Electronics), CIT
John D. Fitz Gerald, BSc James Cook, PhD Monash
John Foster, BSc Sydney, MSc PhD ANU
Ben Jenkins, BSc UTS, PhD ANU
Leslie Kinsley, BSc GradDipSc ANU
Harri Kokkonen, Certificate in Lapidary, ACT TAFE, BAppSc (Geology) Canberra College of Advanced Educations
Richard Krege, MSc Australian Defence Force Academy, BSc Charles Stuart University, BE University of Canberra (to 10 January 2010)
Andrew Latimore, Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) and Communications Engineering, University of Canberra
Qi Li
Emma Mathews (to 29 October 2010)
Linda McMorrow, AssocDip Science NTU
Graham Mortimer, BSc PhD Adelaide
Hayden Miller, Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, CIT
Shane Paxton
Anthony Percival
Sisounthon (Tony) Phimphisane
Tristan Redman - Trainee
Eva Reynolds BSc (Hon) ANU (to 30 June 2010)
Hideo Sasaki - Trainee
Scott Savage
Norman Schram, Dip EIE SAIT
Dean Scott, Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, CIT
Heather Scott-Gagan, BSc Sydney
David Thomson
Ben Tranter, Cert II in Automotive Radiator Services John Batman Institute of TAFE, Automotive Climate Control / Air conditioning Casey Institute of TAFE (from 10 April 2010)
Ulrike Troitzsch Diplom (Technische Universität Darmstadt), PhD ANU
Carlyle Were
Andrew Wilson
Geoffrey Woodward
Igor Yatsevich, BEng Tashkent Polytec Inst, PhD Russian Academy of Sciences
Xiaodong Zhang, PhD LaTrobe

Fitting and Machining Apprentice

Ben Tranter, Cert II in Automotive Radiator Services John Batman Institute of TAFE, Automotive Climate Control / Air conditioning Casey Institute of TAFE (to 9 April 2010)


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