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Ore Systems studies Annual Report 2001

Earthquakes, aftershocks and gold deposits Stephen Cox

Detrital zircons in Appalachian rivers: a record of the grenville superorogeny? Kenneth Eriksson, Ian Campbell, Michael Palin and Charlotte Allen

New ELA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon ages of the Alumbrera magmatic-hydrothermal system in the Farallon Negro district, NW Argentina Anthony Harris, Charlotte Allen, Rodney Holcombe, Ian Campbell, Scott Bryan and Michael Palin

Origin and composition of ore-forming fluids in the giant Golden Mile gold deposit, Kalgoorlie Western Australia Chris Heath, Ian Campbell, Michael Palin and W.J. Dunlap

Major and trace element geochemistry of the Los Picos-fortuna/Pajonal-El Abra batholith: implications for magma evolution associated with porphyry copper mineralization Julian Ballard, Ian Campbell, Joerg Hermann and Alejandro Faunes

Mafic underplanting in compressive volcanic arc segments and cyclic ramping of volatile concentrations in long-lived (3-8 Mys) magmatic reservoirs: drivers of metallogenic fertility Bruce Rohrlack, Robert Loucks and Michael Palin

Zircon chronochemistry of excimer laser ablation ICP-MS Michael Palin, Ian Campbell and Charlotte Allen

Detrital zircon record of Paleozoic orogeny in eastern North America Michael Palin, Ian Campbell, Kenneth Eriksson and Charlotte Allen

Platinum group element geochemistry of the intrusive andesite of the Kelian Region, East Kalimantan, Indonesia: implications for the genesis of the Kelian Gold Deposit Bambang Setiabudi, Ian Campbell, Candace Martin and Charlotte Allen

Coupled andesitic and rhyolitic magmatism in the Kelian gold deposit, Indonesia Bambang Setiabudi, Michael Palin and Ian Campbell

Ore forming fluids of the Laverton District, Yilgarn Craton, Westen Australia: source, gold precipitation mechanism(s) and extent of alteration Amanda Stoltze and Ian Campbell