ANU X-ray Diffraction Laboratory


 Dr Ulrike Troitzsch


  • Qualitative analysis (eg. identification of minerals in rocks)
  • Quantitative analysis (eg. determination of mineral abundances and amorphous content in rocks)
  • Clay identification (Mg-saturation, glycolation, 350°C, 550°C)
  • Clay separation by settling method (Stoke's Law)
  • Sample preparation (eg. crushing, milling, micronizing)
  • Illite crystallinity determination (based on FWHM of 10 Å reflection)
  • Crystal structure refinement (Rietveld method)
  • Specializing in small sample sizes (0.001 mg)
  • Calcite/Aragonite quantification (corals, shells)
  • Training in usage of all instruments and software

Courses for users

  • Special workshop 'Introduction to X-ray diffraction' is highly recommended for Earth Science postgraduate students and staff:  (3 days, held on demand). Topics covered are X-ray diffraction principles, instrumentation and software, phase identification and quantification, Rietveld refinement. Practical sessions allow hands-on experience in the lab, and data analysis performed with programs Rietica, Siroquant and DiffracPlus Eva.
  • Special workshop 'Introduction to X-ray diffraction for Archaeologists' is highly recommended for archaeology postgraduate students and staff (half day, held on demand). Topics covered are basic X-ray diffraction principles, archaeological applications, instrumentation and software, phase identification and quantification.
  • Basic knowledge in Mineralogy is highly recommended for undergraduate students (eg. course EMSC 2017)



  • Siemens D501 Diffractometer, Bragg-Brentano geometry, Cu radiation
  • Siemens D5005 Diffractometer, rotation stage, Bragg-Brentano or transmission geometry, Co radiation

Sample preparation

  • Micronizing Mill
  • Rocklabs Benchtop Mill
  • Spintron Centrifuge
  • Branson Ultrasonic Probe
  • Millipore Filter Method set-up for preparation of oriented clay samples
  • Drying oven (40°C) and furnace (<1200°C)
  • Tumbler
  • Accessories: Side-packed sample holders, low-background quartz sample holders, agate mortars, sieves, balances

Data analysis software

  • Database: PDF-2
  • Search/Match: DiffracPlusEva 10.0
  • Quantitative analysis: Siroquant V3
  • Rietveld refinement: Rietica
  • Newmod


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