Electron microprobe (Cameca SX100)

Electronprobe microanalysis (EPMA) has been the reference microanalytical technique in the geosciences since the 1960s. An electron beam excites x-rays in a micrometre sized volume of a polished thick or thin section. The x-ray intensities are measured by Bragg-law moving crystal monochromators (WDS) and by static energy-dispersive silicon detectors (EDS). Multi-element analyses in the 100ppm to 100 per cent range can be obtained from geological materials in a few minutes.

RSES has Cameca SX100 electron microprobe with 4 spectrometers, a Bruker xFlash 4010 SDD EDS detector, backscattered electron and secondary electron detectors, CL and X-ray imaging capability.

Users located at RSES can access the SX100 webpage and online booking system at http://epma.anu.edu.au.