Experimental Petrology


The Experimental Petrology group uses a laboratory-based experimental approach combined with filed observations to study the Earth, its origin, evolution and mineral wealth.  The group operates a wide range of experimental devices for generating the high temperatures and pressures that are needed to reproduce the natural conditions within the Earth.

The equipment includes:-

  • High temperature furnaces capable of reaching 1800⁰C, equipped for precise control of oxygen and sulphur fugacities by gas mixing;
  • Eleven solid-media piston-cylinder devices for generating pressures to 6 GPa and temperatures in excess of 2000⁰C;
  • A multi-anvil apparatus for achieving pressures of 26HPa;
  • A well-equipped hydrothermal  laboratory.

The group runs an array of microbeam analytical techniques, including:

  • Cameca SX100 electron microprobe for major element analysis;
  • Laser-ablation ICP-MS for trace element and isotopic analysis;
  • FTIR spectroscopy for the determination of H₂0, CO₂ and other volatile species;
  • STOE STADIP powder X-ray diffractometer.






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