Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry


We use chemistry, isotopes and mineralogy, integrated with field and petrologic observations to constrain the timing and nature of processes in geological and planetary systems. Areas of current interest include:

  • Evolution of planets and planetary bodies in our solar system over time
    • Formation of the earliest continental crust and implications for the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere
    • Separation and differentiation of the core, mantle and crust
    • Formation of the Moon, lunar rocks and soil
    • Origin of meteorites and presolar grains
  • Abundances of chemical elements and their isotopes as they are fractionated in geological processes
  • The origin and evolution of ore bodies
  • Determining the cause and timing of extinction events through high precision age determinations
  • Revealing deep mantle evolution through noble gas isotopic compositions of mantle rocks and minerals





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