Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry


We constrain the timing and nature of processes in geological and planetary systems using chemistry, isotopes and mineralogy, plus field and petrologic observations. Areas of current interest include:

  • Evolution of planets and planetary bodies in our solar system over time
    • Formation of the earliest continental crust and implications for the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere
    • Separation and differentiation of the core, mantle and crust
    • Formation of the Moon, lunar rocks and soil
    • Origin of meteorites and presolar grains
  • Abundances of chemical elements and their isotopes as they are fractionated in geological processes
  • Revealing deep mantle evolution through noble gas isotopic compositions and halogen contents of mantle rocks and minerals
  • Determining the cause and timing of extinction events through high precision age determinations
  • The origin and evolution of ore bodies





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