The Palaeoenvironments Group is a collection of research scientists that specialise in environmental reconstruction on times scales that range from thousands to millions of years for both marine and terrestrial environments. These reconstructions extend the record of climate behaviour and variability beyond those observed in the modern, and provide insights on processes (e.g., the response of ice-sheets) that act on longer timescales.

We investigate cave precipitates, lake sediments, corals and reef sediments, marine sediments and ice cores to construct records of past environmental change. These records are invaluable for providing context for recent environmental change, as well as providing crucial data for ground-truthing climate models.

Current projects include: past changes in sea level, ocean temperature and carbonate chemistry, Antarctic climate, and Australian dust. We use a diverse range of proxies and have we have an array of (in house) cutting edge laboratories in which to make the measurements.




Dr Eva Papp

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Lynne Bean

 0401 968 253

Miss Yuzhi Hu

 +61 2 6125 2846

Rose Manceau

 +61 2 6125 3241

Ryan Owens

 +61 2 61252059

Song Zhao

 61 04 50565905


Research support officer

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Mr Joseph Cali

 +61 2 61253246

Dr Xiang Zhao

 +61 2 6125 9597 or 6125 5926

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