Climate and natural hazards in Australasia: prehistoric droughts, great earthquakes, and the Toba super-eruption


Principal investigator

Project summary

Densely populated Australasia is acutely vulnerable to the catastrophic economic and social impacts of droughts, great earthquakes, and volcanic disasters. Our uniquely-skilled research team will undertake a comprehensive analysis of these natural hazards that encompasses the past, present and future. Powerful geochemical microanalysis of Indonesian speleothem and coral archives will be combined with world-leading numerical models to quantify the impacts of prehistoric droughts, great earthquakes, and volcanic catastrophes over the past 200,000 years. This fundamental knowledge of our most serious environmental threats will be essential to implement visions for a prosperous, stable, and sustainable future for Australasia.


This research is carried out in collaboration with Professor Wahyoe Hantoro and Dr Danny Natawidjaja at the Research Center for Geotechnology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

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