Improved Earth Structure in Northeast Asia and Seismic Moment Tensor Inversion Using Bayesian Partition Modeling (Tkalčić, Kim, Chen, Rhie and Ford)

Through a collaborative effort with Array Information Technology, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Seoul National University we analyze broadband seismic waveform data from east China, Japan and South Korea using recently developed inversion techniques in seismology to image the lithospheric structure of northeast Asia. This will be followed by a calibration of 1D/3D Green’s functions to prepare the ground for complete waveform regional point-source moment tensor (PMT) inversion, which would boost the potential for characterizing regional events with magnitudes Mw≥3.7. Furthermore, we propose to extend transdimensional hierarchical sampling to the problem of seismic PMT inversion and discrimination between earthquakes and explosions. The proposed combination of a unique dataset and novel methods will provide an unprecedented pool of information about the lithospheric structure of northeast Asia and source characteristics of regional events.