What are the key parameter of effects in harbors and bays? (Allgeyer)

As demonstrated by all tsunami, harbor-scale flows can involve phenomena such as strong currents, eddies and jets that can be very hazardous for shipping and port operations. Numerical treatments currently in use for tsunami inundation, even more sophisticated Bousssinesq approaches, can fail to accurately predict these effects, either due to an inadequate description of the physics in the governing equations, or to numerical schemes that fail to represent them. Another important aspect are harbor free oscillations: As shown from the 2004 Sumatra event, several harbors where perturbed during several hours (up to 10hours) due to incidents in which ships were torn from moorings and/or were drifting uncontrollably due to currents associated with harbor. The project aims to study more in detail how harbors and bays behave and how we can forecast these behavior knowing the incomning waves.

Spectral response of the Hiva Oa Island

Caption: Spectral response of the Hiva Oa Island (French Polynesia) for 3 recent tsunami. The oscillation inside the harbors/bays can least for several days after the tsunami. (Allgeyer et al. 2013)