Below we list current research topics in RSES, with links to relevant researchers and research groups. For a list of potential student projects and PhD topics, please refer to the potential project student page

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Projects Status
Is the physics that we use to model deep ocean gravity wave sufficient? (Allgeyer) Current
Mass balance changes of polar ice caps Current
Melting of Ice Sheets Current
Multi-array, multi-frequency probing of the Earth's heterogeneity (Tkalčić, Kennett, Stipčević and Tanaka) Current
Ocean circulation through the Indonesian Seaway Current
Ocean Convection Current
Ocean internal waves and turbulence Current
Oligocene extension on the south Cyclades shear zone, in the central Cyclades, Ios, Greece Current
Present-day glacial isostatic adjustment of Antarctica Current
Pulsing Mantle Plumes: Causes And Geological Consequences (Davies) Current
Quantifying The Key Controls On Regional Subduction Dynamics (Davies) Current
Rapid determination of earthquake sources in Australia (Tkalčić, Hejrani and Fichtner) Current
Realistic tsunami modeling with seafloor loading and density stratification (Allgeyer and Cummins) Current
Recycling of oceanic crust in the deep mantle Current
Refractory Inclusions Current
Rohling, Australian Laureate Fellowship “Sea level change and climate sensitivity” (FL120100050) Current
Seismic sources (Tkalčić) Current
Seismic wave propagation (Kennett) Current
Seismology of the Earth's deep interior (Tkalčić et. al.) Current
Source Mechanism Determination for Improved Seismic Hazard Assessment in Indonesia (Balfour and Cummins) Current
Southern Ocean Circulation Current
Stardust Current
Studying the crust and the upper mantle structure beneath Australia using multiple geophysical datasets (Sebastian, Tkalčić and Sippl) Current
Testing the limits of the ninhydrin method for radiocarbon dating degraded and contaminated bone Current
The Australian Seismometers in Schools Network (AuSIS) (Salmon, Sambridge and Byrne) Current